Health and Movement Science Major

The Health and Movement Science includes a core curriculum with five concentrations:

  • The Coaching concentration prepares students to coach.
  • The Health concentration is based on the assumption that all factors dealing with human endeavor and well-being are interdependent. The program provides a well-rounded background in health related areas. In a society becoming more concerned with health practices, this major has many new career options available in education, business, government and community health programs.
  • The Health Education concentration prepares students to teach.
  • Physical Education concentration is founded on the belief that a person is happier, more productive, more self-assured, and better able to sustain these qualities as a result of maintaining good health and a sound body. In addition to teaching or coaching, students are prepared for careers as fitness instructors or health consultants.
  • The Recreation concentration prepares students to program and utilize leisure time in creative and meaningful ways. In addition to the core requirements, students work with an advisor to plan a 12 semester hour emphasis related to their intended career areas such as administration, athletics, natural resources, or therapeutic recreation.