Assistant Clinical Professor

Jamie Dyson, PT, DPT

Assistant Clinical Professor


T-DPT - Physical Therapy, A.T Still University
Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy, Northeastern University


Independence Campus

Room Location

Physical Therapy Department

Assistant Clinical Professor

I have over 30 years of experience working in the acute care environment, specializing in critical care, trauma, and burns. I will teach the cardiopulmonary course and pharmacology, physiology, and complex cases. My passion is to see students excel with complicated cases- taking what they know and determining the best course of care for each patient. I also want to promote physical therapy in the acute care setting because it is the beginning of the continuum of care and is often overlooked by new graduates.

I love the complex cases that come through the critical care setting. To assist students in navigating the complexity and eventually watching them shine is why I do what I do. The greatest reward also comes when those students become leaders in the profession and carry the torch into the future. My newest focus has been on the post-acute sequelae of COVID-19. As a physical therapist in the ICU I witnessed the devastation of the pandemic. For those who survived- they are left with ongoing symptoms that can affect human movement. My goal is to ensure those people receive the care they need through education as well as empowerment.

My teaching strategies have adapted over the years as I have gained more experience. My goal as an educator is to not have the students memorize information but to be able the apply the information clinically through the use of my own patient experiences, the student’s patient care experience if they have them as well as their personal experience with themselves friends or family. I have found that if the students are able to connect the information to a real-life situation, they are better able to understand this. I try to emphasize that it is not just about knowing the information they will need to be able to critically think about a given situation and problem solve drawing from their own knowledge, experience, and the latest evidence. When I am not teaching physical therapy I also love to teach Jujitsu which I have been doing for many years.