Associate Professor of Education

Allison Dudley, EdD

Associate Professor of Education


BSE, Truman State University
MA, Truman State University
EdD, University of Missouri - Columbia

Associate Professor of Education

Allison’s passion is reading, both teaching courses about reading at the Graceland University Independence Campus and spending time reading for her own pleasure and knowledge. All of her courses are related to literacy and include a mix of information about best practices and opportunities for students to try them out in the classroom. Her favorite moments are when teacher education candidates tell her what they learned in her courses helped them pass their licensure test, what they learned they are using in their own classroom.

Prior to coming to Graceland, she was a Title I and Reading Recovery teacher for 22 years with previous experience teaching 2nd and 3rd grades. Her time in public school still continues today. During the school year, she assists with benchmark reading assessments for K-4 students at her local elementary school and generally works with one or two at-risk readers in the summer.

When she’s not working, she reads (of course!), and does calligraphy and chalkboard art. She recently started aqua aerobics and is hoping to get back to playing tennis. She and her husband, Don, have a daughter, a son and three grandchildren and love spending time with them.

My theme song is “On the Road Again” since I live in Trenton, teach on the Independence campus, have student teachers in Trenton and Kansas City schools, and at least twice a month, am on the Lamoni campus as the Director of the Teacher Education Committee. While my office is in Independence, thanks to Bluetooth and Siri, I am able to additionally conduct business as needed in my car through hands-free phone calls.