Assistant Professor of Health and Movement

Layne Nowlin

Assistant Professor of Health and Movement


B.A. Corrective Exercise Performance Enhancement , Graceland University
M.S. Human Performance with an emphasis in Applied Sport Science, University of Wisconsin La Crosse

Room Location

Zimmerman 303

Assistant Professor of Health and Movement

Layne teaches classes in the Health and Movement Science department, such as Intro to Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology and Motor Learning. Layne teaches in this area because she comes from a family of athletes and health care professionals and how the body moves was always a topic of interest when they were together.

Motor Learning helps her to understand how best to structure and progress a practice in order to enhance an athlete’s learning abilities. Layne is also interested in Exercise Physiology, specifically exercise metabolism and how it relates to sport performance.

Layne is getting to teach some of the same classes that her grandpa, Tom Nowlin, taught when he was at Graceland.