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Faculty Associate in Nutrition & Human Performance MS Program

Rhonda Pittman, DC, MS

Faculty Associate in Nutrition & Human Performance MS Program


DC, Chiropractic, Logan University
MS, Nutrition and Human Performance, Logan University
BS, Life Science, Logan University
BA, McKendree University
AS, Southwestern Illinois College

Faculty Associate in Nutrition & Human Performance MS Program

I was a first-generation college student.  The trip had not been easy for me.  Knowledge was not appreciated in my family.  However, during high school, I developed an interest in nutrition.  I enjoyed reading about new studies, and although they were no where near professional, it was a begging.  From there, I learned about the four food groups.  I also learned to read the labels on bottles of supplements, but much prefer to obtain my nutrients naturally through food.  Today we use food pyramids.

I learned to cook for my family, and although my interest was nutrition, I found it necessary to cook foods my family would eat.  I believe weighing the balance between nutrition and “taste good’ is very necessary.  It does no one good to serve nutritious healthy food if no one eats it.  Being a college student, it also meant that I had to cook with an eye to time and another eye on costs.  And all of this while attempting to make it tasty and nutritious.

In addition to my internship at Logan University, I have worked in a medical laboratory, and in many schools. I have seen school lunches and breakfast. Students have shown me candy bars that they thought were lunch.