Social Sciences Department Chair - Professor of History

Steven A. Glazer, PhD

Social Sciences Department Chair - Professor of History


BA, Union College
MA, Georgetown University
PhD, Georgetown University

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Office: 641.784.5182


Briggs Hall

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Social Sciences Department Chair - Professor of History

Steven A. Glazer, PhD, is Professor of History, CLAS, Div. of Social Science, Department of
History/Political Science. He earned his BA from Union College, a small liberal arts college in
Schenectady, New York. His graduate work in Middle Eastern History, both MA and PhD, were
completed at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Dr. Glazer was a book review editor
for the Middle East Journal while in Washington, DC, as well. After completing his doctorate, Dr.
Glazer taught at both Georgetown University and George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia),
before coming to Graceland in 1996. As part of his PhD work, he lived and researched for
approximately 18 months in Israel, during which time he visited the West Bank (Palestine),
Jordan, Cyprus and Egypt.

Dr. Glazer has taught at Graceland since 1995. He currently serves as department coordinator for both the History and International Studies majors, where he teaches World History, Middle Eastern History, Latin American History, and, since fall 2016, a new course, History of the African Diaspora.

To him, history teaches us to be more active and engaged citizens: citizens of your country and citizens of the world. Without a knowledge of the past, we stumble about, like an amnesiac, unable to make sense of everything the world is throwing at us. And only through understanding the historical origins of such systems as patriarchy and racism can we hope to dismantle them.

When roaming the halls of campus, you will know you have found his office when you see the many pictures of cats on his door. It is true that he will make efforts to connect History to Cats in just about every class he teaches. Contrary to persistent rumors however, drawing a cat on an exam will be appreciated, but will not earn the student any extra points.

If you know your history
Then you would know where you coming from,
Then you wouldn’t have to ask me
Who the ’eck do I think I am?
— Bob Marley, "Buffalo Soldier"