We’ve transformed our Lamoni campus undergraduate tuition for 2024-25 to $19,950.

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International Students Admissions

Wherever you’re from, you’re welcome here.

Who We Are

Graceland University is a private, liberal arts school in the heartland of America. It is in the middle of everywhere. Graceland’s positioning in both academics and geography offers a unique opportunity to international students to pursue studies in a university environment while enjoying the best of the American heartland.

Applying to a university abroad can be daunting. Making a move to another country, be it for a semester or four years, is not easy. At Graceland, we have a team of experienced international admissions counselors and staff to help you during each step of the process. Your questions may be answered via email, text, telephone, Zoom, Facebook or other social media available to you. The Graceland admissions department wants to make sure you receive your information and have your questions answered quickly.

This page is created specifically to provide as many answers as possible to the most common questions our international students have or answers to questions that we believe you need to consider.

Find Programs That Will Fuel Your Future

International students can apply to any program our university offers. With 31 undergraduate majors, nine pre-professional programs, three master’s degrees and one doctorate program, your future is in good hands when you study at Graceland University.

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International Students Admission Requirements

  • Overall Requirements

    If you’d like to apply to Graceland as an international student please provide us with the following:

    • your application;
    • an international financial aid statement;
    • verification that you’ll be able to cover expenses while enrolled at Graceland by sending your sponsor’s bank statements for the previous six months. If you have more than one sponsor, please send statements from each one;
  • English Language Requirements

    If English is not your first language you will be asked to provide test results verifying your proficiency in English. These tests should include:

    • a showing of your academic proficiency by being an above-average student;
    • a TOEFL score of 62 (internet-based); or an IELTS equivalent score of 6.0; or a DuoLingo equivalent score of 90.
  • Special Information for Canadian Students

    To be considered for acceptance at Graceland, you must:

    • rank in the upper 50% of your high school class;
    • have a 2.50 grade point average or above on a 4.00 system;
    • have either a minimum composite ACT score of 21 or a minimum combined SAT score of 1060.

    For athletic eligibility, the test results must come from official test centers on the national testing dates.

    You must also submit:

    • an online application;
    • an official high school transcript with your ACT or SAT score;
    • a statement that proves your ability to cover your expenses while enrolled at Graceland University by sending your sponsor’s bank statements for the previous six months. If you have more than one sponsor, statements will be required of each one.
International Student Information
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Transforming Tuition

Simplifying the Cost of College

Understanding the cost of college can be challenging. Graceland is much more affordable than most people think, and we want to ensure our tuition price is closer to what people actually pay. So we are transforming our base tuition price on the Lamoni campus from $32,500 to $19,950 beginning in the 2024-25 academic year.

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Tuition and Fees

Your tuition and fees at Graceland depend on which program you’re interested in and whether or not you receive any scholarships and/or financial aid. Learn more about our different programs and what tuition to expect for each.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

We offer several scholarships to international first-year and transfer students. Get in touch today to learn more, see if you qualify and apply.

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We’re Here For You

Make your transition to college in a new country easier with help from our Intercultural office. Here we provide a number of services for international students and act as a liaison between you and various University offices, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), embassies, consulates, and off-campus constituencies. We also offer a Transitions Class for students (INTD1000), an extended orientation course, advising for immigration regulations and procedures, general counseling and more.

International Student Testimonials
Attending Graceland University was one of the best decisions of my life. Something that attracted me about Graceland University was the cultural diversity. I never felt alone because I was always surrounded by amazing individuals from all over the world. I was able to get my education and learn from other cultures. Graceland tailored me to the man that I am today. Because of my experience at Graceland, I was able to find a career doing what I love. I was also able to make friends who turned into family.
Christopher M. Gbelay '15 MHSS Employment Specialist, Chesterfield County Psychology
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International Student Testimonials
The theatre department is incredible; through it I have found my calling and career. I am so fortunate of the foundation Graceland provided me. Graceland is special because of the relationships and traditions they stem from. Once you make it to Graceland, you're one of us and we're all here for you; a worldwide network of supportive, passionate and kind people who all smile in the same language!
Dóri Bosnyák '15 Lead Administrator to the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series, Texas Tech University Film, Theatre & Performance Studies and International Studies
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International Student Testimonials
What makes Graceland so special for me is the people, their love for the institution and the endless opportunities that present themselves with the sole purpose of helping you become a better you. The one thing that made me love Graceland is how much your professors care about you and how passionate they are at guiding you to excel in every aspect. Every student has the opportunity to connect with their professors and create a strong relationship that lasts even after you graduate.
Etna Zeneli '20 Technical Consultant, Perficient Computer Science and Information Technology
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International Student Testimonials
What I loved most about Graceland is that to me it was a home away from home. As an international student, I found it trying at times to be so far away from my friends, family and life that I knew back in Canada. With the help of so many people, I quickly found my niche. Graceland allowed me to explore so many different paths as a learner and an educator all while being a place where I felt comfortable to be myself.
Kamryn Leavitt-Bonazza '20 Special Education Teacher, Village Tech Schools Elementary Education
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International Student Testimonials
Graceland University education and lifelong practical experience are a cornerstone of what I am doing today. My classmates, colleagues, my students, and their families have given me the motivation to enjoy the “journey.” And I believe that one day I will be back!
Ioseb Gabelaia, PhD '16 Visiting Lecturer, Transport and Telecommunication Institute Communications, M.Ed in Instructional Leadership
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International Student Testimonials
My time in Graceland was truly a life transforming experience. As an international student, I felt Lamoni was home away from home. Professors, intercultural office, and other staff members are committed to personal and professional growth of their students.
Kirubel W. Hailu '14 Pharmacy Practice Resident, St. Vincent's Healthcare Chemistry
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Discuss your academic needs and get answers to any questions you may have about the admissions process at Graceland by getting in touch with one of our admissions counselors.