Program Director, MS Nutrition & Human Performance

Robert Davidson, PhD

Program Director, MS Nutrition & Human Performance


BS, Chemistry, Utah State University
MS, Nutrition and Food Science, Utah State University
PhD, Nutritional Sciences, University of Madison - Wisconsin

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Office: 801.921.0419

Program Director, MS Nutrition & Human Performance

Dr. Davidson teaches nutrition to future health, wellness and fitness professionals. Very few medical schools teach nutrition beyond what is taught in a biochemistry course, so there is a huge need to prepare health, wellness and fitness professionals who can augment and fill in the gaps where the medical community is failing society. Developing and delivering the evidence-based, science- and research-driven nutrition educational program that all health professionals ought to receive is what excites him.

Davidson is totally fascinated with nutrition and human performance. Nutrition has such a huge impact and influence in physical, mental and health performance. As a college athlete, he asked his coach what he should eat to perform better. His response? He didn’t know beyond telling him to eat pasta. That drove Davidson into nutrition as a study area wishing that he knew then what he knows now. The nutrition field is gradually working towards being able to provide personalized nutrition and he wants to be at the forefront of teaching this to health and fitness professionals as well as performing research and developing computer simulations in the area.

After studying and researching nutrition for nearly 30 years I find:

  • There is no such thing as a bad food – by definition food contains nutrients your body can utilize.

  • Moderation is a good thing - it’s all in the proportions.

  • As much as we think we know, we certainly don’t know everything yet – 100 years from now people will probably look at what we are now doing with the same horror we look at medical knowledge and treatments from 100 years ago.