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Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education

Where future educators come to learn.

The Power of Education

Turn your passion for teaching into a meaningful career by getting a degree from the student-focused, innovative curriculum at the Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education. Here you’ll learn how to connect and teach many different types of learners from all different backgrounds with compassion, care and mindfulness — all while gaining the skills you’ll need to succeed in the rapidly-changing world of education.

Our Mission

We develop educational leaders who practice an ethic of care and are agents for social change. We create inclusive learning communities that are transformative, critical and reflexive. Supported by 21st century technologies, we are process oriented and continuously working toward our goal to provide innovative and cutting-edge programs.

We have an expressed and committed sensitivity to diverse learners. Our candidates learn to utilize a culturally responsive higher education that meets the challenges of a global world.

The faculty is committed to professional development and, in turn, supports students in career-oriented paths of learning resulting in the development of competent, professional educators. The Gleazer School of Education is dedicated to promoting visionary, innovative and responsive communities of practice.

Our Vision

The Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education is committed to being a premier school of teacher education that is visionary, innovative and transformative.

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Undergraduate Education Degree Programs

Share your love of learning and become the teacher students will never forget. Through Graceland University’s Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, you’ll discover the educational tools and interpersonal skills needed to connect, inspire and empower young students at an important developmental time in their lives. Our elementary education degree will start you off with traditional in-classroom courses centered around a technology emphasis, psychological and sociological foundations and learning theory. Then, starting sophomore year, your coursework will be balanced by extensive, hands-on field experiences in both public and private schools along with the exciting opportunity for international student teaching placements.

Bachelor of Arts – Elementary Education

Secondary Education Endorsement

Accreditation, Endorsements and Licensure

Graceland’s Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education offers a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education that is accredited by the Iowa State Department of Education. This program leads to a licensure for the state Iowa in several endorsement areas. If you’re planning to teach in Missouri, Kansas or any other state than Iowa, we will work with you to plan your program in accordance with the requirements of that state.

  • Endorsements

    Accredited by the Iowa State Department of Education, Graceland’s teacher education has been cited for excellence in providing a technology emphasis, psychological and sociological foundations, and learning theory. Beginning in the sophomore year, coursework is balanced by extensive field experiences in both public and private schools.

    Students majoring in elementary education receive a K-6 teacher elementary classroom endorsement. Students also receive additional licensure for their concentration area. Available areas of endorsement for elementary education students include

    • PK-K Early Childhood Education
    • K-8 Art
    • K-12 Athletic Coach
    • K-8 Reading
    • K-8 Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate Special Education
    • K-8 Social Studies
    • K-8 English/Language Arts
    • K-8 Health
    • K-8 History
    • K-8 Mathematics
    • K-8 Music
    • K-8 Physical Education
    • K-8 Science (Basic)
    • K-8 Speech Communications

    Secondary and K-12 education students major in other subject areas. Available areas of endorsement include

    • 5-12 American Government
    • 5-12 American History
    • 5-12 Art
    • K-12 Athletic Coach
    • 5-12 Biological Science
    • 5-12 Chemistry
    • 5-12 Economics
    • 5-12 English/Language Arts
    • 5-12 Health
    • 5-12 Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate Special Education
    • 5-12 Mathematics
    • 5-12 Music
    • 5-12 Physical Education
    • 5-12 Science (Basic)
    • 5-12 Speech Communications

    The elementary education program is offered on Graceland’s Independence, Missouri, campus. Students wishing to enroll in this program should be making significant progress in completing an associate’s degree from any community college. With the transfer of an associate’s degree, the completion of the elementary education degree requires two years with a reading endorsement and two-and-a-half to three years with a mild/moderate special education endorsement.

  • Licensure

    All students who successfully complete their elected program and pass the required licensing exams for the state of Iowa will be eligible for Iowa teacher licensure. Graceland’s program and licensure requirements are accredited by the Iowa State Department of Education.

    After graduation, you may pursue additional endorsements with Graceland. If interested, contact the Field Office at

Meet Our Exceptional Faculty
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Lamoni: Our Main Residential Campus

The Graceland campus located in Lamoni, Iowa is home to our undergraduate education programs and endorsements as well as many other undergraduate degrees.

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Independence: Home to Our Completion Program

Located in Independence, Missouri is our commuter campus where those who want to be a teacher learn how to manage a classroom and earn their degree in a collaborative environment.

A Quick Look At Graceland

Lamoni Campus


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The Man Behind the Name: Edmund J. Gleazer, Jr.

Known to many as the “Father of the American Community College”, Graceland alumni and seventh president, Edmund J. Gleazer devoted his life to making the pursuit of higher education available to all who sought it. After serving as president at Graceland from 1946-1957, Gleazer found his true calling as the executive director of the American Association of Junior Colleges and over the next 25 years, led the charge and drove phenomenal growth in community-based education in the United States.

What is GUniverse?

GUniverse is about inspiration and creativity. It’s the innovative combination of technology and teaching to create engaging, educational experiences.

  • The Smart Technology Experience
    1. Impact on Learning
      Your class experience will become even more engaging as you incorporate technology as a regular tool for discovery and exploration. Instructors will use technology to help you learn how to integrate technology into teaching and learning. You will have opportunities to take advantage of digital content and technologies as you create new understandings about what it means to be an effective teacher.
    2. Technology in the Classroom
      We live in an increasingly global and digital society. Not only do teachers need to know how to use technology, but their students need to gain understanding of how technology tools allow them to explore and make meaning of the world around them. You will experiment and design learning opportunities with the same tools you will use to empower your students.
    3. Increased collaboration
      Teaching is a collaborative profession. Technology will enable you to easily collaborate with peers, network with professionals, share information, create stunning visuals, and express your message using highly effective formats.
    4. Option to Purchase
      Access to smart technology is a program requirement. Students will be given the option to purchase an iPad through Graceland University (or provide their own smart technology). These options will be presented during EDUC2420. Entry Workshop.
    5. Cost Effective
      Many of your textbooks will be available in electronic format. E-books are typically cheaper than print books (sometimes by up to 50 percent) and offer unique features that enhance the learning process.
  • Resources and Support Links
Testimonials From Our Students
Hands down, the best part about Graceland is the people that I have met while being here. Saying Graceland is a welcoming and loving community sounds pretty cliché, but it’s true. There are so many incredible human beings walking around on this campus, and I feel eternally blessed to be a part of such an incredible environment.
Abby Karlis '21 Women's Volleyball, Enactus, Academic Student Council Board, Peer Mentor Elementary Education
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Testimonials From Our Students
At Graceland, the community really feels like family — students professors, they all become a part of your story. The thing I will remember most about my time at Graceland is the friendships I was able to cultivate with beautiful people from all backgrounds.
Rachel Chavez '20 Learning Mentor, Kids Alive International Elementary Education
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Testimonials From Our Students
Graceland has small classes and some great support systems for students. The writing center and tutors really give you that extra support and it is accessible to everyone. The professors had a lot of field experience set up for me and my fellow classmates in the education program. This helped me get a real feel for how my future job would be and made me feel more prepared for my first job.
Mattie Maloy '19 Special Education Teacher, Sherwood Autism Center Elementary Education
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Testimonials From Our Students
It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly makes Graceland so special, because the list goes on and on. I have yet to come across anywhere else that presents you with so many opportunities to do and try anything you would like. Want to be a leader? There’s lots of options for that. Want to play a new sport? Join IMs or go talk to the coach. Want to start a club? Great, let’s hear your idea. Want to get involved? There are endless opportunities for that. You name it, if you want to explore it, Graceland will support you in doing so.
Allie Kaminski-Krabbenhoft '16 Math Teacher Mathematics and Secondary Education
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News from the Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education

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June 27, 2022

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August 13, 2021

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Beth Gregory Presents at International Congress on Mathematical Education

August 2, 2021

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Vince Lewis Earns Honorary Doctorate

May 3, 2021

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Allison Dudley and Beth Gregory Present at National Technology and Social Science Conference

March 27, 2021

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Accredited by the State of Iowa


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The Gleazer School of Education (GSOE) is accredited by the State of Iowa Department of Education. This organization updated its approval of the GSOE accreditation in 2016 and continues to provide licensure to its graduates.

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