Assistant Clinical Professor

Matthew Casale, PT, DPT, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor


PhD in Physical Therapy, Nova Southeastern University
Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Saint Francis University
BS in Health Science, Saint Francis University

Phone Number

Office: 816.423.4727


Independence Campus

Room Location

Physical Therapy Department

Assistant Clinical Professor

I teach Human Anatomy I and II as well as the lower extremity in Graceland’s musculoskeletal curriculum. I enjoy teaching both anatomy and orthopedics as they each have their own specific uses within the DPT curriculum but are also very closely related.

I enjoy seeing students be given foundational knowledge ie.) muscular anatomy, and then taking the material and applying it to overarching concepts ie.) how to treat knee pain. It’s this connecting of materials that propagates critical thinking and application that you will use for the rest of your career.

I truly believe that anyone can learning anything with proper instruction, and more importantly, proper drive. My free time is taken up with training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and my two kiddos.