Instructional Leadership

Instructional Leadership

Master's in Instructional Leadership

This online Master of Education Degree was designed for people who want to improve their own leadership skills and then learn how to train others.

The key elements in this Master of Education degree are adult learning theories and best practices.
This knowledge is vital to effectively and efficiently train others.

It is ideal for the practicing teacher who wants to contribute to leadership in educational communities!

This online degree starts off by analyzing various leadership theories and then assessing your own leadership style. From there, you will explore how to influence the organization and its culture, how to build effective, collaborative partnerships, and how to resolve and minimize conflict.

It then moves on to teach how to develop and train other members of the organization in the best practices of leadership. It does this by examining the latest in adult learning theories, effective curriculum and facilitation of professional development and training experiences, critical evaluation of your staff development program, and determining the best technology tools for your instructional needs.

This online Master of Education program can and has been used in military, first responder and business trainer communities. Anyone who wants to be able to effectively develop their colleagues' leadership abilities can benefit from this program.

This program is 30 hours and is entirely online. All candidates must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited college or university and a 3.0 overall GPA in their undergraduate program.

Start your Master of Education in Instructional Leadership today! Give us a call so we can help you plan a great future. Multiple start dates are available. 

Instructional Leadership

EDUC5100 Strategies for Collaboration
EDUC5370 Leadership Foundations: Teaching and Learning in the Context of Change 3 s.h.
EDUC5510 Fostering Productive Leadership Communication and Relationship Building Skills 3 s.h.
EDUC5520 Developing and Facilitating Effective Professional Development Experiences 3 s.h.
EDUC5530 Assessment and Program Evaluation 3 s.h.
EDUC5540 Conflict Resolution Strategies 3 s.h.
EDUC5550 Technology Tools and Strategies for Leaders 3 s.h.
EDUC6100 Classroom Inquirey and Action Research 3 s.h.
EDUC6110 Classroom Inquirey and Action Research Practicum 3 s.h.
Graduate-level Education Electives 3 s.h.

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