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Science, Math, and Health and Movement Science

Study in an advanced facility with top-notch faculty.

The Power of Science

Graceland offers you a wide variety of program choices in science, math, and health and movement science. These unique programs are in demand and we offer a unique curriculum to prepare students for careers in medicine, data science, pharmacy, and much more. Based in the renovated Resch Science and Technology Hall, these programs give students the opportunity to use a wide array of scientific and lab equipment that they often don’t have until grad school.

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Active Learning

Whether experiencing a flipped classroom, Journal club, identification of unknown species, or the virtual dissection of a cadaver, Graceland students receive direct instruction from faculty and student mentors in small groups. Graceland biology and chemistry students have experience with relevant laboratory techniques. Students also have hands-on operation of technical laboratory equipment.

Chemistry and Biology students in the Honors Program have the additional opportunity to present their research at regional scientific conferences.

students examine molecular model during science classHere are some examples of student presentations:
  • “Sulforaphane Induces Cell Death in Jurkat T Lymphocytes”  Karli Smith and Becca Hoerres – Presented at Iowa Academy of Science 131th Annual Conference, Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 27, 2019
  • “Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Chicken Microbiota” Savea Hull and Sydney Dorrance – Presented at Iowa Academy of Science 131thAnnual Conference, Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 27, 2019
  • “Analysis of Environmental Effects on Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers”  Anna Cleland-Leighton – Presented at Iowa Academy of Science 127th  Annual Conference, Iowa Academy of Science, Dodge City, Iowa, April 2014
  • “Genetic Regulation of Microbial Communities by a Biofilm Destroyer” Chris Chambers – Presented at University of Iowa, FUTURE in Biomedicine Research Symposium.  Iowa City, Iowa, August 2, 2013
What Our Students Are Saying
Attending classes and building relationships with my professors were a highlight of my time at Graceland. I loved it. I love being challenged and learning new material. My professors all worked tirelessly to provide a supportive environment for students to grow. The CSIT Department is unparalleled when it comes to providing students with opportunities that will later benefit students tremendously after graduation.
Dylan Fox '21 Software Engineer & Project Management Computer Science and Information Technology, Data Science, Mathematics
What Our Students Are Saying
Because of the small class sizes I was able to ask questions and learn so much more from my professors than I would have otherwise. Still to this day I am in contact with former professors asking for advice and recommendations. They all care so much about us and want what is best for us well beyond our time in their classroom.
Allie Kaminski-Krabbenhoft '16 Math Teacher Mathematics and Secondary Education
What Our Students Are Saying
My classes, while teaching me the theory of real world concepts, taught me to think differently. Classes like philosophy taught me to think outside the box and consider different perspectives, modern algebra and geometry taught me to think logically, and many other classes gave me experience in a variety of fields that make me a more versatile individual.
Brian Anders '13 Staff User Experience Engineer at Google, Inc. Computer Science and Information Technology, Mathematics