Faculty Highlights

Graceland University Professor of Psychology Brian Smith, PhD, along with Sal Meyers of Simpson College, shared three posters at the 20th annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. "Teacher Empathy: Understanding Students' Personal and Social Situations" was part of the teaching preconference. Smith and Meyers offered "Increasing Students' Willingness to Revise Papers While Minimizing Negative Emotions" and "It's In the Syllabus: Policies' Effects on Student Perceptions of Teacher Empathy" as part of the main conference.

Graceland University Professor of Psychology Brian Smith, PhD, along with Sal Meyers (Simpson College), Kathy Rowell (Sinclair County Community College) and Mary Wells (Sinclair County Community College), has had his work "Teacher Empathy: A Model of Empathy for Teaching for Student Success" accepted for publication in College Teaching.

Graceland University Professor of Psychology David Devonis's biographies of the personality disorder specialist Theodore Millon and the statistical maven Lee Cronbach (of Cronbach alpha fame) have been accepted for publication in the Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, edited by Virgil Zeigler-Hill and Todd Shackelford, an ongoing online compilation published by Springer, New York.

Graceland University Professor of Psychology David Devonis' survey of the recent history of the concept of emotion in psychology will appear as chapter 14, "Emotion," in the forthcoming Handbook of the Intellectual History of Psychology, edited by Robert J. Sternberg and Wade Pickren, Cambridge University Press.

"Project Zion Podcasts: the Restoration Caffeinated" has recently released the first two episodes of a new podcast sub-series by Anthony Chvala-Smith, Paul E. Morden Seminary Chair in Religion, and Charmaine Chvala-Smith, Seminary Chaplain and Focus Session Coordinator. The new sub-series, titled “God Shots,” offers a basic introduction to Christian theology. A "God Shot" in barista language is a memorable shot of espresso; the title connects the sub-series to Tony and Charmaine’s other podcasts under the banner “Percolating on Faith,” as well as to the topic, theology: “God talk.”

Graceland University Professor of Art Julia Franklin, MFA, was interviewed on the Jan. 9 episode of Iowa Public Radio's Talk of Iowa as one of the 2018 class of Iowa Art Fellowship fellows. She discusses her experience as a fellow and the very personal work in her exhibition "Picking Up the Pieces," an art installation surrounding items of her father's she came to posses years after his suicide when she was a teenager.