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— A —

Academic Advising; see also Advising and Registration
Academic Affairs
Academic Calendar
Academic Catalog for Returning Students
Academic Dismissal (Under Academic Standings)
Academic Divisions
Academic Forgiveness
Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Load
Academic Policy, Exceptions to
Academic Program
Academic Scholarship Program
Academic Services
Academic Standings
Accelerated College Education (ACE) Program
Accounting Major
Additional Costs
Administrators/Professionals with Faculty Status
Admission Deposit
Admission to Student Teaching
Admission to Teacher Education
Admission Policy, High School Students
Admission Policy, Home School Students
Admission Policy, International Students
Admission Policy, Transfer Students
Admission Requirements, Registered Nurses
Advanced Placement Tests
Advising and Registration
Agricultural Business Major
Allied Health Major
Application Fee
Application for Financial Aid
Appeals; see also Appeal, Grade Procedure
Arranged Course
Art (Studio, Graphic Design) Major
Articulation Agreements
Athletic Eligibility
Attendance Policy

— B —

Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Science Degree
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
Baseball, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Basketball, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Biology Major
Board of Trustees
Board (Lamoni Campus); see also Tuition and Fees – Lamoni Campus
Books and Supplies
Bowling, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Business Administration Major
Business Services
Business, C.H. Sandage School of

— C —

Calendar, Academic
Campus – Lamoni, Independence, or Non-residential
Campus Ministries
Career Planning Courses
Center for Christian Leadership
Center for the Study of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Center for Health Education
Change a Course Grade
Change of Registration
Chemistry Major
Church Relationship
Cinema Studies Minor
Class Attendance
Classification of Students
Coaching Endorsement
Coaching Minor
Code of Conduct
College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Combination Education Program
Commencement, Participation in
Communication Major
Community of Christ Church Leadership Program
Computer Science and Information Technology Major
Continued Probation
Continuing Education
Course by Arrangement
Course Numbering System
Courses of Instruction
Course Withdrawal by Instructor
Credit for Extra-Institutional Learning
Credit Hour Definition
Criminal Justice Major
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Minor
Cross Country, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses 
Cum Laude (Under Honors and Awards)

— D —

Data Science
Dean’s List (Under Honors and Awards)
Deposit, Institutional
Developmental Courses 
Direct PLUS Loan, Federal
Disabilities Services
Discounts – Lamoni Campus
Dismissal, Academic
Dismissal or Removal
Drama (See Theatre Major)

— E —

Economics Major
Education (undergraduate) Major
Education, Edmund J. Gleazer School of
Educational Sites
Educational Program
Educational Talent Search
Elementary Education Major
Eligibility, Athletics
Employees of the University (under part-time study)
Employment, Student
English As A Second Language, courses in 
English Major
Enrollment Summary (under student persistence) 
Entrance Requirements
Equal Opportunity
Equivalency Listings (under Alternative Procedure for Acceptance) 
Esports Minor
Essential Education Curriculum
Evaluating Financial Need
Exceptions to Academic Policy
Executive Council
Experiential Learning Credit
Extra-Institutional Learning

— F —

Faculty, Full-time
Faculty, Part-time
Faculty & Administration
Faculty Emeriti
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Fees, General
Final Examinations
Financial Aid; see also Standards for Receiving Financial Aid
Financial Aid – Undergraduate Distance and Online Programs
Financial Assistance, Renewal
Financial Need, Evaluating
Financial Arrangements
Fine Arts; see Visual and Performing Arts Division
Fitz Center
Football, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses

— G —

General Courses
Geographical Distribution of Students
Golf, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Good Standing
Government, Student
Grade Appeal Procedure
Grade Changes
Grade Reports
Grading System
Graduate Level Topics Courses
Graduation, Preparing for
Graphic Design Major
Grievance Policy

— H —

Harassment Policy
Health, Courses in ?
Health and Movement Science Division
Health and Physical Education
Health Care Management
Health Services
High School Admission Policy
Hispanic Studies
History Major
History of Graceland University
Home School Admission Policy
Honor Society
Honors and Awards
Honors Contracts
Honors List
Honors Program
Housing (See Residence Life)
Humanities Division

— I —

Immunization Policy
Independence Campus; see also Independence Campus
Individual Study Programs
Information Technology: see Computer Science and Information Technology
Information Technology Services
Institutional Advancement
Institutional Effectiveness
Institutional Deposit
Institutional Learning Outcomes
Institutional Scholarships and Grants
Instructional Technology Services
Interdisciplinary Studies
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
International Students Admission Policy
International Studies Major
Iowa Articulation Program, Registered Nurses
Iowa Tuition Grant

— L —

Lamoni Campus
Language Placement Examinations
Late Payments
Library, The Dr. Charles F. Grabske, Sr. Library and Learning Resource Center
Library, Frederick Madison Smith
Loans, Student

— M —

Magna Cum Laude
Majors Offered
Mathematics Major
Merit Award
Military Service Benefits
Missing Student Policy
Mission of Graceland University
Mobilization of Students to Active Duty in the Military
Monthly Payment Plan
Music Groups
Music Major

— N —

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
Neuroscience Concentration (Under Biology) see also Neuroscience Concentration (Under Psychology)
Non-Formal Education
Normal Progress for Graduation
Nursing (undergraduate) Major

— O —

Obscene or Profane Materials
Online Courses, Center for Graduate and Continuing Studies
Organization of the Academic Program
Organizational Leadership undergraduate major

— P —

Parents Loan to Assist Undergraduate Students (Federal Direct PLUS Loan)
Part-Time Study
Payment Plans
Pell Grant, Federal
Professional Personal Counseling
Photo and Videotape Policy
Physical Education
Policy on Non-Discrimination
Post Secondary Enrollment Options Act
Pre-dental Program
Pre-engineering Program
Pre-forensic science
Pre-law Program
Pre-medical Programs
President’s List
President’s Office
Proficiency Exams
Psychology Major
Publications, Student

— R —

Readmission after Academic Dismissal
Recreational Facilities
Refund Policy
Registered Nurses; see also Registered Nurses
Release of Information
Religion (Undergraduate)
Religion and Philosophy
Renewal of Aid
Repeated Courses
Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees
Residence Halls
Residence Life
Retired Persons, Program for; see also Part-Time Study
Room Rates (Lamoni Campus)

— S —

Safety and Security Equipment
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Scholarship Program, Academic
Scholarships and Grants
School of Business
School of Education
School of Nursing
Science Courses 
Science and Mathematics Division
Secondary Education Program
Seminary, Community of Christ
SEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)
Sites, Educational
SkillPath© Seminars
Soccer, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Social Change Major
Social Media Marketing Major
Social Regulations see; Code of Conduct
Social Science Division
Social Science
Sociology Major
Softball, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Special Programs
Speech Communications, Teacher Certification in
Sport Management Major
State Authorization
Statement of Values
Student Disability Services
Student Employment
Student Government
Student Handbook
Student Health
Student Life ; see also Student Life
Student Load
Student Persistence
Student Petition
Student Publications
Student Support Services – TRIO Program
Student Teaching
Studio Major
Study Abroad; see also Study Abroad Programs
Subject Number Codes
Summa Cum Laude
Summer Session Tuition
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal
Sustainability Studies Major

— T —

Teacher Education Program, Admission to
Teacher Licensure
Tech Requirements for Online Classroom
Tennis, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Testing Program
Theatre Major
Track, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Transfer, General Education
Transfer Student Admissions Policy
Tuition, Expenses and Financial Requirements
Tuition and Auditing
Tuition and Fees – Lamoni Campus
Tuition and Fees – Accelerated College Education Program (ACE)
Tuition and Fees – School of Education
Tuition and Fees – Nursing BSN Residential
Tuition and Fees – Nursing BSN Distance Learning
Tuition Waiver Program for Retired Persons
Tutoring Support

— V —

Varsity Sports (See Intercollegiate Athletics)
Veterans (see Military Service)
Vision, Mission, Values
Visual and Performing Arts Division
Volleyball, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses

— W —

Web Design Minor
William D. Ford Direct Student Loan Program (subsidized and unsubsidized)
Withdrawal from the University
Withdrawal, Administrative from Online Courses
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor
Wrestling, Intercollegiate Athletics Courses
Writing and Tutoring Support