Tuition and Fees

Direct Costs

ExpenseAnnual CostSemester Cost
Room (based on a two-person room)$3,900$1,950
Activity Fee $370$185
University Technology Fee$350$175
TOTAL DIRECT COSTS$42,070$21,035


FeeAnnual CostSemester Cost
Total (Full-Time Tuition, Standard Two-Person Room, Full Meal Plan, University Technology Fee and Student Activity Fee)$42,070$21,035
Full-Time Tuition (semester hours 10-18) (calculates to $1,042.00 per s.h.)$31,250$15,625
Part-Time Tuition (semester hours less than 10 or over 18)$965 per semester hour

Room (nonrefundable after the first week of school)

Fee (per student)Annual CostSemester Cost
Standard Two-Person Room$3,900$1,950
Semi-Private Room$4,440$2,220
Private Room$4,950$2,475
Small and Thomas Apartments Rental Deposit(unfurnished)$450
Small and Thomas Apartments Rental:
   Two students$5,550$2,775
   Three students$5,140$2,570


PlanAnnual CostSemester Cost
Full Meal Plan (available to all students)$6,200$3,100
Five-Meal Plan (available to students in apartments and off campus)$3,130$1,565
21 Plus Meal Plan$6,360$3,180
75 Meals (available to students off campus only)$3,130$1,565

Student Fees

ItemAnnual CostSemester Cost
Student Activity Fee (students in 10 or more hours) -
Each semester, $50 of this fee is used to provide $50 in dining program G Bucks and is therefore non-refundable
University Technology Fee (full-time students) - part-time students are charged $7 per credit hour$350$175

Other Fees

Athletic Fee (nonrefundable) - Assessed to all students with athletic scholarships$100 per year - fall athlete

$50 per semester - spring athlete
Background Check- Education majors (nonrefundable)$35 one time
Course and Lab Fees:
   Business/Marketing Course Fee:SPMT3300 Sport Marketing$10 per course
   English Course Fee:
      ENGL3530 - Digital Filmmaking$135 per course 
      ENGL3540 - Screenwriting$135 per course 
   Health and Movement Science Course Fee:
      ATHT3100 Prevention and Care$70 per course
      HLTH1100$35 per course
      PHED0610 Life Guard TrainingNA
      PHED0360 Scuba DivingNA
      PHED4720 Practicum IIINA
      PHED4725, PHED4726 - Allied HealthNA
   Keyboard/Piano Class Lab Fee:
      MUSC1710 & MUSC1720 - Keyboard Skills I & II   $40 per course
      MUSC1740, MUSC2120 - Piano Class$40 per course
   Music Course Fee: MUSC1120$55 per course
   Music Lesson Course Fee:
      One semester hour$380
      Two semester hours$500
      Three semester hours$530
      Four semester hours$575
   Music Senior Recital Fee: MUSC4700$55 per semester
   Science Laboratory Course Fee:
      BIOL/CHEM1200, BIOL2580, CHEM1330 & 40, SCIE1200$10 per course
      BIOL2430, BIOL2440, BIOL3400$25 per course
      BIOL2100, BIOL2360, BIOL3420  $70 per course
      BIOL3440, BIOL1520, BIOL2300, BIOL1500, CHEM1410/20$50 per course
      BIOL3310, BIOL4450$60 per course
      BIOL4310, CHEM4310, BIOL3310$90 per course
      CHEM3300, CHEM3411, CHEM3421, CHEM3610$30 per course
      CHEM3620, CHEM4330$30 per course
      BIOL/CHEM4120, BIOL/CHEM4130$75 per course
   Studio Art Course Fee
      ARTS1100, ARTS1200, ARTS1230, ARTS1710, ARTS2250$10 per course
      ARTS2900, ARTS 3200, ARTS3240, ARTS3260, ARTS3280$10 per course
      ARTS3300, ARTS3610, ARTS3620, ARTS3630, ARTS3640$10 per course
      ARTS3800, ARTS4350, ARTS4440, ARTS4500$10 per course
   Theatre Course Fee
      THTR1310 - Introduction to Stagecraft - Fall Course$45 per course
      THTR2240 - Theatre Stagecrafts II -Every other Spring$45 per course
      THTR2900 - Topics Technical Theatre$45 per course
C-BASE Testing Fee[\bold] (Education majors)NA
Deposit(to be paid prior to enrollment)$200 one time
Education Program Technology Fee(nonrefundable) (Education majors) 1st year - EDUC2420$110 per year
iPad Initiative Fee (nonrefundable) - Education majors$600 one time
Music Instrument Rental Fee (nonrefundable)$30 per semester
Program Support Fee (online courses)$18 per course
Retired Citizen Administration Fee (60 Years of Age or Over)
(receive waiver of tuition or audit charge for one regularly scheduled Lamoni on-campus undergraduate course per semester with payment of this fee)
$50 per semester
Student Teaching Fee
(Additional costs may result when student teaching outside a 40 mile radius of either the Lamoni or Independence Campus)
$150 per occurence
Study Abroad Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable)
   Fall or spring semester$500 per occurence
   Summer session$300 per occurence
   Internship only / individual study (any session FA/SP/SU)$150 per occurence
Vehicle Registration Fee (nonrefundable) - whether residing on or off campus$50 per year

Lamoni Campus – Summer Session

Tuition$345 per semester hour
Room - Small and Thomas Apartments: (see Housing Contract for dates)
   Two-person occupancy$1,670 per student
   Three-person occupancy$1,540 per student
Summer storage (current students only)$200 per student

Lamoni Campus – Discounts

Honors Program Tuition Waiver: 100% waiver over 18 hours
Tuition waiver for hours over 18, for students officially admitted to the Honors Program with a cap of 21 hours. Hours over 21 will not be waived.

Music Lesson Tuition Waiver: 100% waiver over 18 hours
Applicable to music majors, minors and Lamoni Campus full-time students for hours over 18 due to Music Lesson Course enrollment.

Retired Citizen Tuition Waiver: 100% waiver (students 60 years of age or over)
Tuition waived for one course per semester and requires a $50 administration fee.

Summer Travel Programs

Full-time Lamoni Campus students who have earned a minimum of 15 s.h. in residence will have the option to enroll in the following off-campus experiences tuition-free during the summer session. Trip expenses will still apply. If conditions have not been met, full tuition will be charged.

Travel Experiences Tuition Waiver (either group-led or study abroad program approved): 100% One Course per Summer
If student is enrolled full-time at least one semester in the preceding academic year and completed 15 s.h. in residence. Fees, room, board and other costs may still apply.

Internships, Practicums and Individual Studies Abroad Tuition Waiver: 100% One Course per Summer
If student is enrolled full-time at least one semester in the preceding academic year and completed 15 s.h. in residence. Fees, room, board and other costs may still apply. Students may enroll in a maximum of 3 s.h. of internship, practicum, or individual study abroad per academic year tuition-free.

Trip Expenses: Determined per program
Trip expenses are required to be paid prior to trip departure. Student account needs to be in good standing (either paid in full or current on payment plan.)

For more information regarding additional fees, please see General Fees.