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Course Numbering System

Course numbers have the following meanings:

a. The subject area in a course number will be represented by either two digits preceding a colon or by a four alpha character code:

School of Business
ACCT 39 Accounting
AGRI 79 Agricultural Business
BUAD 40 Business Administration
BUED 42 Business Education
ECON 41 Economics
ITEC 75 Information Technology
ORGL Organizational Leadership
SPMT Sport Management
Visual and Performing Arts Division
ARTS 10 Art
11 Fine Arts – General
MUSC 14 Music
THTR 12 Theatre
Health and Movement Science Division
ATHT Athletic Training
HLTH 51 Health
HMSC Health/Movement Science
HPER 58 Health, PE & Recreation
NHPW Nutrition, Human Performance and Wellness
PHED 54 Physical Education
RECR 55 Recreation
Humanities Division
COMM Communication
ENGL 30 English
ENSL 30 English as a Second Language
FREN 32 French
GRMN 33 German
HONR Honors
HUMN 70 Humanities
INTC Interdisciplinary Cluster
JAPN 35 Japanese
MFLG 31 Modern Foreign Language
PHIL 48 Philosophy
RELG 49 Religion
SPAN 34 Spanish
SPCM 38 Speech Communication
SUST Sustainability
Science and Mathematics Division
BIOL 20 Biology
CHEM 22 Chemistry
CPSC 23 Computer Science
CSIT Computer Science & Information Technology
DSCI Data Science
MATH 28 Mathematics
PHYS 24 Physics
SCIE 21 Science
Social Science Division
ARCH Archeology
CRMJ 74 Criminal Justice
GEOG 43 Geography
HIST 47 History
HMSV Human Services
INTD 70 Interdisciplinary
INTL 71 International Studies
PEAC 73 Peace Studies
POLS 44 Political Science
PSYC 52 Psychology
SOCI 45 Sociology
SOCW 46 Social Welfare
SOSC 78 Social Science/Social Studies
School of Education
CEED Continuing Education – Education
EDUC 50 Education
School of Nursing
ADST 62 Addiction Studies
HCAD 61 Health Care Administration
NURS 60/NU Nursing
Physical Therapy
DPTP Physical Therapy – Graduate
CIMM Continuing Education-Seminary
CONS Approved Consortium
CRPL Career Planning
CTED 81 Continuing Education
DEVL 90 Developmental
GNRL 80 General Elective
GOAL General Education Goal
LEAD Leadership
LBST 72 Liberal Studies
ORIE 80 Orientation
UNIV University
WTRM 76/77 Winter Term

b. The four digits following the course number represent the specific course and its classification: (Courses prior to Summer 2000 contain only three digits following the course number.)

1000 – 1999 Freshman Level
2000 – 2999 Sophomore Level
3000 – 3999 Junior Level
4000 – 4999 Senior Level
5000 – 8999 Graduate Level

Programs of study, graduation requirements, and courses offered by the university are under constant study and revision. When such revisions occur, the university will make all reasonable efforts to minimize the accommodations required in the planning of academic programs of individual students.

However, the university reserves the right to change requirements without notice. Current requirements may be obtained by contacting the Registrar’s Office.