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Students are expected to attend classes regularly, be punctual, and complete all work whether present or not. Whenever possible, the opportunity for making up coursework missed as a result of an excused absence is to be worked out between the instructor and the student upon the student’s initiative.

Excused absences include the following:

  1. The student has contacted the faculty member prior to the absence due to a University sponsored activity,
  2. The student has contacted the faculty member prior to the absence and the faculty member concurs that the absence is unavoidable and legitimate.
  3. For Lamoni students, the Dean of Students (or faculty member) determines that the student has missed classes/assignments due to factors beyond the student’s control (i.e. illness, family misfortune, etc.) and the faculty member concurs.
  4. For non-Lamoni students, the faculty member makes the determination and, when appropriate, the Dean of School, or his or her designate, concurs that the absence was unavoidable and legitimate.

All other absences are considered unexcused, in which case the instructor is not obligated to provide an opportunity for making up coursework for credit.

* See Administrative Withdrawal Policy listed below.

Course Withdrawal by Instructor

Instructors may drop students from a course when students have not validated their enrollment in the course. To validate enrollment in a seated course, students must attend at least one class session during the first week. Students, who miss the first week of a course without obtaining prior approval from the instructor, may be dropped from the course by the instructor. The instructor will notify the registrar and student of the drop prior to the eighth day of the semester/trimester.



Administrative Withdrawal from Online Courses

Students not participating in an online course before the census date (last day to add/drop a course) may be administratively withdrawn with or without penalty.

  1. Unless special arrangements have been made between the student and instructor, a student enrolled in an online course who does not begin completion of course assignments during the first week of the course, will be referred to the Program Consultant or Registrar for administrative withdrawal.
  2. Students enrolled in any online course must demonstrate an ongoing presence in their online course. If a student who has been previously participating in course assignments ceases all participation for two consecutive weeks (unless special arrangements have been made between student and instructor), that student may be referred by the instructor to Program Consultant or Registrar for counseling and withdrawal.