Junbin Guo, '13

Graceland international student Junbin Guo `13

Accomplishment: Accomplished globetrotter. Explorer of international cultures and cuisines.
Major: International Studies
House: Stewart Manor

Junbin Guo is just one of many international students at Graceland University. He is a man you can count on: honest, dependable, funny and always lights up a room just by speaking. Unlike many people, Junbin is driven by the desire for happiness, not wealth or status. His passion is traveling, seeing and experiencing new places and locations around the globe. In fact, Junbin has travelled around the world and the U.S., encountering many different people and creating unforgettable friendships along the way.

Junbin hails from the large coastal city of Shantou, China, located about four hours north-east of Hong Kong. This is where he was born and raised. When time came for him to graduate from high school (or “Jinshan”), Junbin was unsure where to go for higher education. A friend of his, traveling to the U.S. for college, encouraged Junbin to think about doing the same. Universities in China were very strict, and Junbin believed that he would find a better, more personalized education in this country. After comparing Graceland to other North American Universities, Junbin decided on GU because it “offered the greatest financial aid and because it was a smaller university.”

"I choose Graceland because it offered great financial aid and because it was a small school where I would be able to interact with my teachers."

After arriving to Lamoni, Junbin was chosen to be on Stewart Manor House, where he was immediately nicknamed J.B. He is currently an International Studies Major, very interested in other cultures and ways of living. At GU, Junbin has made great friends and travelled around the world—from Mexico City to New York City, to Denver, to Miami, to Portland, and even returned home to see the Great Wall of China for the first time. After the sophomore year, J.B. decided to spend a semester abroad, studying Japanese culture. He spent two semesters (in 2011-2012) in the southern Japanese city of Nagasaki. Amazingly, Junbin can speak four languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and now Japanese (which he is just beginning to master).

After graduating from Graceland, Junbin plans to move back to Japan for a couple of years and then return to the U.S. for graduate school. He would like to continue traveling around the world and says, “I still have many places to discover and experience.” Ideally, Junbin wants to find that perfect place where he can be happy and comfortable. He has yet to find it.

Junbin is a motivated student who, undoubtedly, will find his perfect spot in the world and bring the same happiness to everyone around him as he does here at Graceland University.

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