Alumni Spotlight: Jalen Brown `17

Graceland alum Jalen Brown `17

Coming to Graceland University was a last minute decision for Jalen Brown `17. He was offered a scholarship to play basketball for the university only a couple months before classes began. Brown says what really drove him to come to Graceland was the thought of being on his own, away from the big city lights of Chicago.

He shares, “Coming here, I knew it would allow me to grow up a little bit, since I would be on my own, making my own decisions… Coming to Graceland is probably the best decision I have made in my life.”

Coming from the many distractions of a sleepless city like Chicago, Lamoni provided peace and quiet, something Brown grew to cherish while attending Graceland. He had the opportunity to really focus and learn a lot about himself as an individual. The greatest personal skill he learned, though, was the ability to manage his time.

When Brown arrived at Graceland, he struggled with having so much free time. He would procrastinate on his assignments and go out or chill with his friends, which led to grades that were way below his expectations. At one point he even contemplated whether college was right for him.

Graceland alum Jalen Brown `17When a degree began to slip from his grasp, Brown took what he had once seen as boredom in Lamoni and redirected it. He took advantage of the solitude to organize and commit himself to the completion of his degree. Brown graduated from Graceland University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Technology, and finished with one of his best semesters.

Brown realizes his options are now endless; there is so much he aspires to accomplish. Of those many aspirations is the desire to establish himself in the business world - to build his own company and own some property. He is determined to leave his mark on the world and is excited to take on the challenges life will throw his way. He longs for the competence to provide for his family and give back to the city of Chicago, helping those in need.

Currently, Brown is looking for an entry-level position in software engineering back home in Chicago, but finds he has discovered a passion for game development and continues to work on small projects in his free time. He plans to return to school in the near future to pursue a master’s degree in computer science or game development.