Graceland University Moves Classes Online Through March 29 in Response to COVID-19 Concerns

Graceland University Administration Building

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to limit the spread of the virus, Graceland University will move all classes to an online format through March 27. Lamoni-campus students, who are currently on spring break, are recommended to stay home, but will have the option to return to campus and the residence halls during this time. Food service will remain available to students who return. Students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or who have been out of the country or to high-risk areas of the United States, are being asked to follow CDC guidelines and seek medical consultation before returning to Lamoni.

Classes will be suspended on both campuses Monday and Tuesday, March 16-17, in order to provide the university time to make arrangements and plan for this period of online instruction. Classes will begin in their online format Wednesday, March 18, and face-to-face classes are planned to resume March 30.

All Graceland athletic events during this period will also be suspended, and student-athletes will not be required to return to the Lamoni campus. Additionally, all Summer 2020 study abroad and international travel courses have been canceled.

The decision to move courses online in this way is unprecedented for Graceland. This decision was made for the safety of our students and employees, as well as the members of the Lamoni and Independence communities. However, our students’ education is also our top priority, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure we continue to provide them quality and meaningful instruction through this time of uncertainty.

For more information, Graceland has created a web page for updates at