Transforming Graceland for the Future of Higher Education

Graceland University

Over the last several months, the Graceland community has been engaged in extensive evaluation across all levels of the university to transform the institution to face the challenges of the changing higher education market. 

Part of that transformation means that we must realign our resources to create an organizational structure that is sustainable for the future while still addressing the needs of modern students. This week, many positions were eliminated as part of this restructuring. We are confident that this is an important step in transforming and strengthening Graceland to be better positioned to face future challenges head on.

Graceland remains committed to its mission: to create learning communities where students develop their potential for meaningful and productive lives.

Developing students is always at the forefront of Graceland’s efforts and we are confident that this transformation is necessary to adapt to the challenges we and other higher education institutions are facing: changing demographics, sensitivity to college affordability, and increased pressure from competition. 

Two years ago, Graceland President Patricia H. Draves presented six strategic pathways the university would focus on for the future. Those pathways drive our work and we continue to strive toward them to transform Graceland. Those pathways are:

  1. Academics of the Future
  2. Holistic Learning Experiences
  3. Strategic Enrollment and Retention Growth
  4. Financial Stability and Learning Environments
  5. Distinctive Value 
  6. Collaborative and Innovative Community

Graceland is well-positioned to maintain a high level of relevance to the new generations of students. Our academic programs are committed to ensuring students receive a highly personalized and quality education as they prepare for productive lives and successful careers.  Focusing our work and transforming our university will ensure these critical aspects of our unique experience remain central to all that we do at Graceland. We look to the future in anticipation of the great things to come.