Griff Cady - Student Success

Graceland student Griff Cady `17

The Graceland connections are valuable! Griff Cady ’17 landed a great internship for the summer in San Diego, California, because of the Graceland network of friends. 

Graceland prides itself on extremely active alumni interaction and support. There are constant efforts to provide opportunities to current students to better advance them both academically and professionally. Knowing the financial toll internships can require, an anonymous alumni donor recently provided $1,000 to go directly to students enrolled in internships. Cady was one of three students awarded a micro scholarship for their established summer internships.

Q: How did you find your internship?

It really was through Graceland connections. I learned about my internship through a Graceland friend of my father’s, Tom Studebaker ’83. Tom was able to talk to personal friends who work in the field of my interest. He also offered to let me stay with his family for the summer, so I didn’t have to find housing! Once they knew I was interested, I sent them a resume and personal essay. After they heard from me, I received a phone call interview. A week or so after the interview, I was offered a position with Inception Sciences, a small company based in San Diego, California, with two branches in Canada. It was pretty amazing.

Q: How long was the internship, and what did you do?

The internship started May 22 and lasted until Aug. 12. My mom, Nona Cady ’84, and I made a road trip out there a few days before the job started. The job entailed working in a chemical research lab for around eight hours a day. I set up reactions in the morning, and sometime before lunch I checked to see if the reactions completed or at least were close to completion. After lunch, I worked the reaction up and gave any precipitate to the biologists to run their assays. Working with the scientists in their high tech lab was interesting, and I really enjoyed summertime in southern California.   

Q: What did you learn about yourself or your field of interest?

Even though I really enjoyed California and my time there, I learned that I do not want to pursue a career in chemical research. I have actually reverted back to my original plan to becoming a physical therapist. After I graduate, I hope to get accepted into a physical therapy program. The internship was very valuable for me as it helped to redirect my focus toward a career that I will enjoy. 

Griff Cady is connected to the Graceland family, and he knows that those connections will help him open doors in whatever field he chooses. It is the Power of Together.