Commitment to Community Graceland Faculty ~ Barbara Voshall

Commitment to Community Graceland Faculty ~ Barbara Voshall

Coming to Graceland College as a student and member of Community of Christ in 1969, Graceland University Professor of Nursing Barbara Voshall, DNP, MN, RN never considered attending anywhere else.

She declared nursing as her major and graduated in 1973. Voshall then worked in an intensive care unit (ICU) for a year where she discovered the desire to pursue a master’s degree in nursing. She went on to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice and instructed her first clinical in 1976. Voshall now owns 40 years of teaching experience.

On the first day of class for each new term, Voshall tells her students that she truly cares about each of them and wants them to succeed. The two-time winner of the Excellence in Teaching Award inspires desire in her students. She keeps them engaged through the art of storytelling and provides clinical, real-life scenarios.

Professor Voshall challenges us, and she encourages us to think critically: a skill that is key for nursing. I would not be as knowledgeable, capable and confident if it weren’t for her commitment to my learning. She is a great instructor, not only because of the many talents she has in the classroom, but because her heart is in it.
~Veronica Bourdon, ’15

With Graceland’s supportive leadership, Voshall credits the faculty collaboration, faith-based caring and small class sizes for much of her success as an instructor. She appreciates that comradery is prevalent among the School of Nursing faculty as well as the School of Education faculty and throughout Graceland, as a whole.

Learning new medicines and therapeutics has been a lifelong journey for Voshall and, through her teaching at Graceland, she is always willing to research new things. “Whoever heard of the Zika virus last year?” she said, for example.

Barbara VoshallVoshall’s insightful doctoral research on pain management was published in Pain Management Nursing and has been cited internationally, including publications in South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. The research was also cited recently by the editor of the publication as a guideline for incorporating pain management into educational programs, helping to reach the goal to improve nursing education on pain management at Graceland University and throughout the world.

Dr. Voshall is an inspiration to us all. Her dedication to Graceland is unmatched as an alumna and as a professor, and, because of her history, she helps to connect two campuses. She is respected by faculty, staff and students and continues to be an important member of the School of Nursing and Graceland University, as a whole.
~Claudia Horton, PhD, Dean of the School of Nursing