Leading With Heart

Zac Harmon-McLaughlin

ZAC HARMON-MCLAUGHLIN, MA, '08, joined Graceland's staff as the director of the Community of Christ Seminary in March 2019.

Harmon-McLaughlin received his Bachelor of Arts in Religion in 2008 and his Master of Arts in Religion in 2010 – both from Graceland. In 2019, he will complete his Doctorate of Ministry in ExecutiveLeadership at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. As a Graceland Seminary alumnus, he is uniquely equipped to offer his experience, skills and deep connection to Community of Christ, the university’s sponsoring church. Most recently, Harmon-McLaughlin was the Regional Development Executive Director for Community of Christ in Northern California and Western Nevada.

“We are thrilled about the passion that Zac brings to the seminary. We had many qualified candidates, but his zeal for religious education, his experience as a leader, and his connection and commitment to Community of Christ set him apart,” said Patricia H. Draves, Graceland University President.

Harmon-McLaughlin will lead the Community of Christ Seminary at Graceland University, which was founded in 2002 as a joint venture between Graceland and Community of Christ.

At the seminary, students receive the best theological scholarship available, paired with personal and communal faith formation. It is the intellectual and sacred gathering space that embodies the profound and enduring relationship between the university and the church.

“I’m humbled and honored to return to Graceland to serve as the director of the seminary,” shared Harmon-McLaughlin. “I’m looking forward to engaging in leadership development and practical ministerial application through religious education. My deep hope is to empower and inspire future innovative leaders and ministers to cultivate and create authentic, loving and transformative Christian community.”