Social Media Marketing

Keeping current with job demands, Graceland University’s C.H. Sandage School of Business offers a bachelor of arts degree with a major in Social Media Marketing. The Social Media Marketing major is an innovative, timely and interdisciplinary major of contemporary relevance to students that is intimately tied to the liberal arts and sciences mission and foundation. It is obvious that the demand and market for this major is growing.

The Social Media Marketing major includes a unique combination of communications courses, business and marketing courses, and visual design courses designed to ready students for jobs in the real world. The major draws on the strengths of both the C. H. Sandage School of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Experiential learning is key in this fast paced major and can include projects with all sizes of businesses from small local firms to Fortune 500 companies, internships, visits to companies, and industry guest speakers as well as the opportunity to be a part of the nationally recognized Enactus team and the endowed Sandage Center for the Study of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

BA Degree - Social Media Marketing Major

In addition to the essential education requirements, majors in Social Media Marketing must complete 45 s.h. as prescribed below:

The following 15 semester hours of core Business Administration courses are required:

The following 15 semester hours of core Communication courses are required:

  • COMM1250 Introduction to Communication Theory 3 s.h.
  • COMM2300 Introduction to Media Technologies 3 s.h.
  • COMM2500 Introduction to Mass Media 3 s.h.
  • COMM3140 Campaigns and Theories of Persuasion 3 s.h.
  • COMM3500 Emerging and Social Media 3 s.h.

The following 12 semester hours of core Graphic Design courses are required:

  • ARTS1680 Computer Graphics for Art & Design 3 s.h.
  • ARTS1710 Introduction to Graphic Design 3 s.h.
  • ARTS3630 Systems in Design 3 s.h.
  • ARTS3640 Interactive Design 3 s.h.

The following 3 semester hours from Computer Science and Information Technology is required:

  • CSIT1060 Introduction to Web Page Programming 3 s.h.

It is strongly recommended that majors in Social Media Marketing also take the following:
• BUAD3450 Organizational Behavior
• COMM2100 Introduction to Organizational Communication

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Courses for Social Media Marketing

ARTS1680 Computer Graphics for Art & Design 3 s.h.
A technical course exploring the digital tools used in the graphic design industry. Students are exposed to the function, theory, and use of industry-standard computer hardware, software, and basic digital design principles utilized in the production of graphic design. Additional fee required. Goal 2A

ARTS1710 Introduction to Graphic Design 3 s.h.
Covers basic principles of typography, such as type anatomy, type fonts and families, communication with typography and an introduction to layout and grid structures. Typography as medium and message and conceptual solutions are emphasized. Additional fee required. Prerequisite: ARTS1680 Computer Graphics for Art & Design. Goal 2A

ARTS3630 Systems in Design 3 s.h.
Study of the integration of type and image through multi-level designs, such as multi page layouts, and identity systems. Additional fee required. Prerequisite: ARTS1680 and ARTS1710.

ARTS3640 Interactive Design 3 s.h.
Introduction into the principles of interactivity through interface, web, and information design. Additional fee required. Prerequisite: ARTS1210, ARTS1680 and ARTS1710.

BUAD3330 Principles of Marketing 3 s.h.
A decision-oriented overview of marketing management in modern organizations. The most basic objectives of the course are to provide students with a broad introduction to marketing concepts, the role of marketing in society and in the firm, and the various factors that influence marketing decision-making. Students will be exposed to and expected to learn the "language of marketing" (that is, terms, concepts, and frameworks) used by practicing marketing managers. Prerequisite: ECON1320 and junior standing.

+BUAD3600 Electronic Commerce 3 s.h. (Also CSIT3600)
Exploration of the technologies and business environment surrounding the emergence of electronic commerce. There will be both a technical and non-technical track option for students, however, all students will be introduced to technical skills for implementing an electronic commerce website. Offered Spring even years.

BUAD4210 Seminar in Social Media Marketing 3 s.h.
A comprehensive overview, with hands-on experience, of Social Media Marketing. There will be an emphasis on strategic use of online tools, effective design, and contemporary marketing techniques, combined with practical application. Students will build and maintain real world marketing campaigns. Restricted to Social Media Marketing Majors. Additional fee required.

BUAD4430 Marketing Strategies 3 s.h.
A focus on the development of decision-making skills in marketing. Concepts and tools are applied to frame and solve real-world problems facing marketing managers engaged in developing optimal marketing strategies. Prerequisite: BUAD3330.

COMM1250 Introduction to Communication Theory 3 s.h.
Survey of the major theories that support research and study of communication, such as interpersonal communication, organizational communication, rhetoric, media, culture, and ethics. The course gives students a foundation in communication vocabulary, basic knowledge of key theories, and an introduction to practical application of theory to human communication. Offered every Fall. ELO5 Humanities - Innovation

+COMM2300 Introduction to Media Technologies 3 s.h.
Introduction to the primary mass media forms ? newspapers, books, magazines, radio, television, sound recording, movies, and the Internet ? to gain an understanding of the ways they operate. Included are industries based on mass media?journalism, advertising, and public relations?as well mass media theory, law, and ethics. Emphasis on critical thinking about the mass media.

+COMM2500 Introduction to Mass Media 3 s.h.
An examination of the various landmark theories, such as rhetorical, Marxist, and feminist to analyze popular culture, with an emphasis on the importance of communication in the production and consumption of culture. Students will study the development of culture by applying different theories or 'lenses' to cultural artifacts including music, movies, advertisements, clothing, etc.

+COMM3140 Campaigns and Theories of Persuasion 3 s.h.
An emphasis in learning theories, information processing theories, perception theories, components of persuasive appeals, and the ethics involved in persuasion. Further, students will examine the theories and persuasive appeals involved in communication campaigns and critique the success, or lack thereof, of multiple persuasive strategies.

+COMM3500 Emerging and Social Media 3 s.h.
An exploration of the emergence of new communication practices as well as their social, political, cultural, and economic impact in personal, community, cultural, social, institutional, and international life. Specific attention will be given to the ways social media influence and shape matters of ethics and privacy, how we see ourselves and others, how we interact formally and informally, and how we do business. ELO4 Global Learning - Innovation

CSIT1060 Introduction to Web Programming 3 s.h.
Basics of how the World Wide Web works and web site construction using HTML and CSS. Related technology skills will be covered.

ECON1320 Principles of Microeconomics 3 s.h.
Analysis of the fundamental principles of the American economic system, centering on price, production, market structures, and a survey of contemporary economic problems, e.g. sustainability. Goal 1C, ELO5 Social Science - Sustainability

+ Denotes an alternate year course.