Alumni Spotlight: Brittany St. Louis

Graceland alum Brittany St. Louis

Health communications graduate Brittany St. Louis ʼ11 is the operations manager for a health care facility in Colorado, where she runs the daily operations of the practice. She knew she always wanted to work in management in a health care setting and her bachelor’s degree from Graceland University helped set her on the right course to reach her dream.

“I love having a client-facing job. Interacting with different people on a daily basis makes my job much more interesting. I’ve seen patients grow up right before my eyes, and it’s great to know I am helping them.”

A soccer scholarship for the women’s varsity team brought St. Louis to Graceland. Even though she didn’t know a soul, the intimate size of the Lamoni campus gave her an immediate sense of a family environment. It helped her make the choice between several college offers. The family feeling was extended as her professors were understanding when she had to miss classes for soccer games all over the Midwest.

With an interest in psychology, St. Louis took a biopsychology class, and she was hooked. She says learning about how the brain and nervous system influence behavior taught her to be more sensitive toward others – an imperative skill in the success of her career.

"It is very important in my career to understand why people do what they do. To have been educated in this area has prepared me and given me the confidence to be successful."

Life balance is another significant tool St. Louis learned at Graceland. Time management – balancing a job, family, friends, etc. – was difficult with her tight schedule of classes and athletics. At Graceland, lessons are learned in the classroom, on the field, in the residence halls and as a student-worker. Managing the stress of pinch points when projects or presentations were due, along with game schedules, helped to prepare her for the challenges in her career.

St. Louis hopes current students realize that a successful college career requires hard work, dedication and sacrifice, which translates to a successful career outside of college. She advises, “develop good habits early, and the results will be a great payoff. And get involved! You will meet new friends, gain new perspectives and be open to learning new things.”

Brittany remains close to her two college roommates; having been bridesmaids in both of their weddings and they in hers. She and her husband, Mike Davis `10, have mutual friends from their days at Graceland and keep in constant contact. A highlight is an annual ski trip to the mountains of Colorado with a group of alumni friends.

“Because Graceland is so diverse, it is important to make connections in every class, because you never know where you might end up living. Graceland graduates are spread all over.”

In 10 years, St. Louis’ goal is to be in a high position of management for a large-scale hospital. She knows this goal is in reach because of the preparation Graceland provided her. She was able to intern in the summer, which gave her insight to the behind-the-scenes operations in a business that most do not have access to. Armed with her degree and experience, Brittany has scored success with the resources she needs to help people and to create positive change in the health community.