Success: Chelsey Shinn

Graceland School of Nursing student and VP of graduating class Chelsey Shinn

Two years ago, when Chelsey Shinn moved to the Kansas City area, she began looking into nursing schools in close proximity and particularly one that offered a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Being unfamiliar with the area, she started asking around. It was her sister-in-law who brought Graceland University to her attention, quickly stating some of her nursing friends had completed the nursing program and loved it.               

Upon her decision to attend Graceland, Chelsey calls herself blessed for the opportunity to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. Already holding a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science, she enrolled at Graceland’s Independence campus after discovering her calling to be a nurse through an internship in cardiovascular rehab. Everyone she talked to expressed their concern for the challenge and time consumption Chelsey would face in going back to college, but her excitement refreshed her desire to pursue her ambition. When times do get tough and her motivation wanes, she recalls how far she’s come and what the future holds for her. In her self-motivation, Chelsey says, “One of my biggest hobbies is running. Nursing school is a big race that I am running, and I plan to keep going, never quit, and win. Never let go of your dreams.”

Chelsey’s experience with the professors in the nursing program have gone beyond her expectations always meeting her needs as a student and caring about her concerns. “The friendships that I have made are lifelong, and I am so thankful. Graceland has truly changed my life, and I can’t thank them enough.” Grateful for the instruction from each professor she has had at Graceland, the guiding words of advice and remarkable teaching style of Professor Jeri Sindt have been particularly helpful in Chelsey’s Graceland experience in learning.

Chelsey is Vice President of the graduating 2017 nursing class and is working to complete her clinicals prior to the December graduation date. After graduation, Chelsey plans to start work immediately, desiring a capstone placement in a cardiac intensive care unit. Her future plans are to complete her master’s degree to become a family nurse practitioner but, for now, will take a little time off from school to start a little family with her husband. They plan to eventually move back to her hometown of Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.