Success: Julie Filbeck

Graceland School of Nursing alum Julie Filbeck stands in her work environment

Julie Filbeck `03 is thankful each day of her life for the experience she had at Graceland University. Upon completing all her prerequisite work through the Kansas City Community College system, Julie was ready to transfer to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. After an unsuccessful stint at a big university right out of high school, Filbeck was looking for a small learning environment where she felt connected when she found Graceland.

When transcripts did not arrive in time and additional paperwork errors surfaced, Filbeck faced the possibility of having to forgo a nursing degree. She made the decision to continue as a CNA at the hospital where she was then employed and would try again the following year. But on a random day that summer, a letter from Graceland admissions arrived asking her to contact them.

Class had already begun, but an admissions coordinator was able to get Filbeck an interview with Claudia Horton, Dean of the school of nursing, who cleared her to enter the BSN program which had already started that week. Filbeck vowed to work each day to prove that late acceptance was no mistake. She is thankful to Claudia for giving her the opportunity and credits Sharon Little-Stoetzel as the reason for choosing critical care nursing as her specialty; however, every professor played an important role in her journey.

The most important thing Julie says she learned at Graceland is the value of a team and the ability to accomplish the task at hand together. For Filbeck, being a nurse is the art of caring, and she strives to assure trust in providing necessary care to her patients.

Julie’s path has led her from 10 years on night shift in a trauma neuro ICU into an ICU manager role, to director, and now she is Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence, Missouri. Julie shares, “I love the profession of nursing and am proud to tell people I am a nurse. I love the fact that every day I have the opportunity to interact with and advocate for our patients and our nurses. We have an amazing team, and I feel privileged to be a part of my organization.”

Julie maintains a full and busy life outside of nursing as a wife and mom of three beautiful babies ages 5, 3 and 6 months. Though her education did not necessarily prepare her for motherhood, she loves that anytime she sees one of her previous professors, they always ask about her family.


“Graceland provided me the opportunity to begin my career and taught me I owned my path and it was my choice to take it to the next level.”
~Julie Filbeck `03