Darcy Volz - Student Success

Graceland student Darcy Volz

Darcy Volz

Darcy Volz, a Solah House senior, shines as a leader. She is the Assistant Hall Director for Walker Hall, from Whitehall, Montana, with Community of Christ roots and comes from generations of Gracelanders. Volz was awarded the prestigious Honors Scholarship and continues to uphold academic excellence as she makes her mark in the hallways of Resch Science and Technology Hall.

This summer she interned in Indianapolis at Eli Lilly and Company. Michael R. Wiley, PhD ’83 has opened Lilly’s doors for GU interns. A Research Fellow at Eli Lilly and Company, Mike knows that Graceland prepares students for success. He also knows that an internship is critical to best educational practices.

Dr. Gary Krishnan, Chief Scientific Officer of one of Lilly’s Endocrine research groups said, “… Darcy was a superb scientist who we had the joy of influencing over the last few weeks. She was inquisitive and remained committed to the task until the end. She was also a very good ‘teacher’ in her style of explaining to the naïve audience some aspects of her research. This positions her well for assistantships and opportunities in medical school. I find that her predecessors Sydney and June also share a common trait of a level of maturity beyond their years, and I am hopeful we remain a top institution for Graceland students to explore research opportunities in life sciences.”

Volz’s internship was in the musculoskeletal division where she performed in vitro lab work and data analysis. She had heard about the Lilly internship from Sydney Brock ’15, now in medical school at Des Moines University. Volz commented, “I was able to work on a full research project from beginning to end. I performed experiments, took ownership of materials, and I’ll probably get published in a paper, which is really awesome!”

“The Lilly internship showed me an aspect of science other than being a teacher or a doctor. Although I’m still interested in becoming a physician, this opened my eyes to the industrial and research side. It was cool to see the different opportunities and incredible new technology there is to help with research. The atmosphere of seeing scientists working together was really inspiring.”

Volz’s lab head at Lilly commented, “… if she wanted to go into research, I’d hire her. If you know of any other Graceland students that are interested in an internship, bring ‘em on!”