Marissa Roberts '13, A Follow Up

Graceland alum Marissa Roberts `13

Marissa Roberts, a 2013 Graceland Grad, on set in Hollywood.

Marissa Roberts, Graceland University Class of ’13, has been making big moves in Hollywood! Recently, she has landed a guest role on the hit NBC show “Undateable.”

Marissa is an Iowa native, reigning from Indianola. In her time at Graceland, Marissa earned a vocal performance degree in music. She was a member of Solah “House,” and found a welcoming community at Graceland. Marissa counts her years at Graceland as some of the most life-changing times she’s encountered.

“I truly believe, for me, that growing up in Iowa and choosing Graceland to further my education was life changing. I learned so much as a performer, but more importantly about myself. You build a family at Graceland; friendships that will last forever,” she explained.

In her sophomore year at GU, she was given the opportunity to perform in the homecoming show. She remembers being a nervous wreck, but finding a sense of peace at the end of the weekend. Marissa notes, “At the end of those three days, I knew that this was what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I don’t know if anyone realized how much that truly meant to me, just being there, but I think about it often out here in LA. It’s a sweet reminder of home, family and for myself to never give up.” This led her to her next huge life-change – moving to Los Angeles.

After graduating, Marissa spent the summer in Iowa, preparing to make her move. Over 1,000 miles later, she found herself chasing her dreams. As most performers know, the ladder to fame is a long one, and Marissa had to have a strong backbone through all the ups and downs. She finds herself surrounded by other actors, which she takes in stride.

“I have been very lucky, my short year and a half out in Los Angeles, to meet some amazing individuals to not only network with, but share the same aspirations as I do and have built great friendships,” Marissa comments.

Now, with all of her hard work, Marissa has gotten her foot in the door. She will be guest starring on “Undateable,” a comedy about seven friends living in Detroit. The show airs on Tuesdays 9/8 central on NBC, and the episode she is in will air on May 19.

Marissa is beyond excited, and she has a message for all of the people that have supported her: “I just want to thank everyone again for their positive vibes, love and support being sent my way. I am truly, truly grateful!”

Make sure to tune in, and see this Graceland grad achieve her dreams!