Rebecca Bullock, '09

Graceland alum Rebecca Bullock `09

Accomplishment: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Major: History, International Studies
Minor: Political Science
House: Shalom

Rebecca Bullock ’09 has never been someone you would consider an underachiever.

At Graceland, she had two majors, History with a non-Western emphasis and International Studies. She picked up a minor in Political Science. She was President of the College Republicans, President of Graceland’s Phi Alpha Theta Historical Honors Society, President of the History Club, Appropriations Chair on the Student Senate, a Prestigious Honors Scholar and participated in the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) club.

Working with Graceland, Rebecca spent a summer term in Paris polishing up her French. And if all that is not enough, she also picked up an Area Contribution Award for History, was runner up for Junior Honors Seminar Best Paper, and made the Dean’s List for five of her six semesters.

Yes, she graduated from Graceland with all of these accomplishments in a quick six semesters.

So it was natural for Rebecca to go to graduate school after Graceland, attending Seton Hall University and acquiring a Masters of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations with a focus in International Security. While at Seton Hall, she interned with the Bipartisan Policy Center on a project to enhance U.S. national security through non-combat means.

"Having the Graceland Experience makes me want to be a nicer person. It makes me want to give that experience to other people in daily interactions."

And it was with this bulky resume in hand that Rebecca was nominated to become a Presidential Management Fellow with the federal government. The Presidential Management Fellowship is a highly selective two-year program that trains high-caliber recent graduates to become the next generation of government leaders. Rebecca currently works for the Department of Homeland Security in Washington DC, crafting policy and programs to combat immigration fraud. After completing her Fellowship in August of next year, Rebecca will become a field Fraud Officer.

Now living in an East Coast world rather different from Graceland’s close-knit community, Rebecca reflects fondly on her memories and skills gained at the University.

“Graceland turns out well rounded people. It gives a quality education without a sense of entitlement, and an understanding of the world despite being in a small town. I gained a lot of intangible qualities at Graceland that allow me to thrive in any environment. Graceland builds the whole person, not just the student,” said Rebecca.

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