Olivia Finger '15 - Law Internship

Graceland student Olivia Finger `15

Olivia Finger '15

During my internship with the Office of General Council, Community of Christ, I was able to build lasting relationships with all seven members. All members were friendly, welcoming and focused on the duties of the Church.

My duties included,organizing and sorting litigation files, and assisting with property management and lease agreement files. In addition to assisting the legal team with daily tasks, I was able to witness meetings with the international team and set up new social media standards for church professionals.

This internship gave me perspective on the daily activities lawyers in the church go through and the intensity that comes with being a lawyer. I still have plans for continuing my education in order to become a lawyer, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful people who were able to do their best to allow me to understand the workings of a professional team of lawyers.

~Olivia Finger
Senior Business Administration and Economics Major