Sidney Brock '15 - Research Internship

Graceland student Sidney Brock `15

Sidney Brock '15

During my junior year I obtained a summer internship at Eli Lilly and Company, an American global pharmaceutical company. I spent my time in the Musculoskeletal division where I proposed and carried out an eight-week research project, analyzing the neuromuscular junction with cell-based assays.

The culmination of this research was presented to approximately 50 senior research scientists in the department at the end of my internship. I learned so much from this experience, and was able to add a substantial amount of lab experience to my resume for medical school. Not only did this experience look good on my application, but it also taught me a lot about the field of research; a lot that I did not expect. I also was able to meet many brilliant and inspiring people in different areas of research.

Thankfully, Graceland science labs had prepared me well for some of the basic assays, but I also was able to work with many instruments I’d only ever read about. Overall, this was an incredible experience, and I highly recommend that chemistry and biology students at Graceland make time during their four years to have a research internship.

~Sydney Brock