Montel Evans '15

Graceland student Montel Evans `15

Major: Elementary Education

Accomplishment: Presidents List and participant in the Professional Development School program.

Montel Evans sent an email to Graceland University President Sellars after being listed on the President’s List for the spring of 2014. The President’s List is reserved for students who have a 4.00 grade point average. Montel’s enthusiasm for teaching is evident when he speaks about Graceland; he has found his passion.

Graduating with an elementary education major in spring 2015, Montel will participate in the Professional Development School’s (PDS) program for the 2014-2015 academic year. PDS is a special program where Graceland partners with area school districts and Graceland’s education students have the opportunity to spend the entire year in a classroom with a mentor teacher. They experience both how a teacher begins a classroom at the start of the year, with set up and planning, and how the teacher finishes the classroom at the end of the school year. These students participate in all professional development and teacher meetings with their mentor teacher. Pairing the students with a mentor teacher for a school year enables the student to witness the full spectrum of teaching.

Montel credits Graceland for his educational success. “I realized that the field of education was something I really wanted to pursue, and Graceland has supported me along this path. My experiences at Graceland thus far have supported my creative and enthusiastic personality when it comes to educating the minds of others. The staff here has offered me some of the best support I have ever received through my higher education journey. A few standouts are Beth Gregory (my advisor) and Allison Dudley (MNEA Advisor). These two ladies have enriched me with a wealth of knowledge I will remember through the course of my future career. I lean heavily upon their words and their guidance as I continue to strive through the Graceland University School of Education.

I rave about this program to my co-workers and other aspiring teachers. I am so glad that I took a leap of faith, with support from my wife, to give this program my all. I will cherish these moments as much as a child loves being recognized by the person whom they least expect. It is experiences like these that make one's inner child feel like his dreams are manifesting.”