April Smith '17

Graceland student April Smith `17

Major: AG Business

April Smith didn’t have to go far to get what she wanted. When she came to a visit day at the Graceland University’s Lamoni campus she talked with Max Pitt about the AG Business program and she knew this was where she wanted to be. “The AG program was starting to really take off and I wanted to be a part of the growing system. I’ve been involved with AG my whole life. Max said he could help me figure out what path to take and that clicked with me. I was shocked when the guidance counselor broke down the cost and found it was affordable.”

When she first read about the house system she thought it sounded strange, but after a short time here she recognized its value. “I’ve met so many more people than I ever thought I would. Graceland really provides opportunities to get involved. The house system allows you to get to know people outside of your major or interests. I’ve made friends with people who are completely different than me. At Graceland I get the home town feel with the added benefit of global influence.”

April is busy with academics as an English major with a secondary teaching endorsement and an AG Business minor, but she finds time to be involved on campus through student leadership opportunities as well. “Next year I’ll be the Academic Student Council (ASC) rep for the House Council. I’ll be answering academic questions, and helping students navigate My Graceland,” (the internal website for Graceland students and employees). “The ASC Reps also put on the quiz bowl and other activities throughout the school year.”

One of April’s stress relievers is baking. She is on the cheer squad and knew several of her teammates were feeling homesick, and she wanted to do something to help. Early in the year she made an entire sit-down dinner, and invited the cheer squad to her “family table” in Tess Morgan’s lounge (one of the women’s residence halls on campus). She says cooking and baking help with the stress of the university pace. The homemade meal must have helped, “We went to nationals with our competition team and placed in the top ten! I never thought it would happen!”