Brittany Bennett, '11

Graceland alum Brittany Bennett `11

Accomplishment: Pursuing Masters in Social Work
Major: Human Services, Sociology
Minor: Psychology, Spanish
House: Solah

In fall of 2011 Graceland added a Human Services major to their Bachelors of Arts programs. And Brittany Bennett knew this new degree would be perfect for her.

The only hitch: Brittany was set to graduate in spring of 2011. Needless to say, she had to scramble a little to make the new major happen.

With help from Nancy Wallace, Assistant Professor of Human Services, Brittany was able to make her Human Services major happen, graduating on time with an additional degree in Sociology and minors in Psychology and Spanish.

And for Brittany, her hard work is beginning to pay off.

She is currently at the University of Kansas (KU), acquiring a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW). KU has a nationally recognized Social Work program. Brittany is confident that her ability to get into this prestigious program is a result of her Graceland experience.

“Because of Graceland’s small class sizes my teachers were are able to actually get to know me,” said Brittany. “Nancy Wallace was able to write a meaningful recommendation letter to go along with my application. I have no doubt in my mind that the reason I got into this amazing program is Nancy's letter.”

"The teachers I had at GU took a special interest in my learning and helped me get to where I am today."

While at Graceland, Brittany participated in activities with Solah House. She says that her time here helped her gain confidence and “life-changing” friendships. Her senior year, she awarded the Area Contribution award for Human Services.

“Brittany is, if I may use an old-fashioned term, a rare gem,” said Nancy Wallace, Assistant Professor of Human Services.

“She is smart and considerate, sweet and strong. She will not ‘wow’ you when you first meet her, but she will ‘wow’ you by the time the first semester ends.”

After her experiences working with a hospice organization last summer, Brittany has ambitions to become a hospice social worker after her graduation in May of 2013.

Division of Social ScienceHuman Services, Sociology