Sarah Balik, '12

Graceland alum Sarah Balik `12

Accomplishment: Pursuing Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Major: Biology, Chemistry
House: Sariah

Ever since Sarah Balik ’12 was little, she knew she wanted to be a doctor. However, during winter term of her sophomore year at Graceland, she encountered a conflict that would eventually change her mind.

Sarah was told that confidentiality laws wouldn't allow her to shadow a doctor for her winter internship; so, Sarah went with the logical alternative and chose to observe a veterinarian instead. And after her first day in the veterinary clinic it was evident that Sarah had found a new career path. She quickly changed her major to Pre-Veterinary Sciences and she hasn't looked back.

"I have a family here at Graceland, whether it is in my residence hall, in the Honors Program, in the science building, or on the volleyball court, and that is what I love about Graceland!"

As Sarah investigated Veterinary options, she heard of a program through Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine (ISU-CVM) where she could apply before finishing her undergraduate degree. After an extensive application process, Sarah gained a remarkable achievement by becoming one of 149 students accepted into the program. Furthermore, in her class, Sarah and only three other students don’t have any type of degree yet. Her program includes students who already have Bachelors, Masters, and even PhDs.

A Biology major and Chemistry minor, Sarah credits her work at Graceland for giving her the right materials to be accepted into such a competitive program.

“The Science Program at Graceland is amazing. The professors and the classes they teach are what got me where I am today,” said Sarah.

In addition to the Science Department, Sarah noted that her work with the Honors Program also gave her experience with reading, writing, and speaking. Outside the classroom, Sarah served as Sariah House President and Co-President of the Pre-Professional Club, also dabbling in Varsity Track and Field and JV Volleyball. Graceland provided her with a “home away from home” where her professors and friends became “family”.

Sarah is completing her degree from Graceland while tackling the rigorous four-year veterinary program and plans to walk at 2012 Graceland Commencement. After completing veterinary school, Sarah’s ideas for her future vary from large animal practitioner to completing a Master’s degree along with her DVM, to becoming a veterinarian for the military.

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