Paige Webberley, '12

Graceland alum Paige Webberley `12

Accomplishment: Senior Honors Best Presentation
Major: Biology, Chemistry
House: Shalom

Paige Webberley ‘12 says that Graceland has helped her step outside of her comfort zone and gain confidence. And with her list of accomplishments while at Graceland, it’s no wonder she’s seen a boost in morale.

Since coming to Graceland, Paige has served as a Student Senate Representative, Amici House President, Co-President of Pre-Professional Club, and become Content Editor of the campus newspaper The Tower. Paige has also been deeply involved with the World Service Corps organization, holding a summer internship and serving in the Philippines in the summer of 2010. She’s served as Graceland’s Outreach International Club President, traveling to Nicaragua twice through related Graceland winter terms.

While Paige has excelled outside the classroom, her performance in the classroom has been nothing short of exceptional. A Chemistry and Biology major, Paige is also picking up a minor in History and working towards an EMT certification.

Some of her finest work has come through the Honors Program. Last year, she was awarded Junior Honors Seminar Best Paper and presented her scholarly material in North Dakota at the Upper Midwest Honors Conference. Just recently, she was awarded Senior Honors Seminar Best Presentation for her project, “How the Other Half Heals: Stepping Outside the Context of Western Medicine.”

"I love the community environment at Graceland. Every time I walk to class I see someone I know. I don't feel like a number here."

“She is just smart,” said Honors Program Director, Dr. Robert Mesle. “She is an incredibly clear thinker, with a wide ranging intellect.”

Currently, Paige is applying to a number of prestigious medical programs, with ambitions to become a primary care doctor or work in underserved areas, possibly internationally.

Though Paige will miss some of her favorite things about Graceland, like the community environment and Residence Life housing system, her strengthened confidence looks to take her far.

“Paige displays an intense interest in helping people. I firmly believe that her experiences will enable her to become an excellent physician,” said Dr. Daniel Pratt, Division of Science and Mathematics Chair.

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