Ryan Sheehy, '10

Graceland alum Ryan Sheehy `10

Accomplishment: Pursuing Ph.D. in Pharmacology
Major: Chemistry, Mathematics
Minor: Spanish
House: Agape

Ryan Sheehy’s research is cutting edge, with the potential to extend lives in the future. This research focuses on a group of drugs’ potential as a treatment for brain cancer.

And for Ryan ‘10, this is his ideal type of work.

His heart lies in being a scientist and conducting research. In examining how drugs affect biological systems. And that’s exactly what his graduate program is all about.

Ryan is at the Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa studying Pharmacology. He is three semesters into his program.

"I truly feel that I had a great experience at Graceland, and I wouldn't trade my memories for anything."

“Ryan is very focused and picks up techniques with ease,” said Dr. Daniel Pratt, Division of Science and Mathematics Chair. “There is no question in my mind that he has the persistence and intelligence to become an excellent scientist.”

And though his professional goals are still open to change, Ryan’s passion for science, his alma mater, and his wife, Whitney (Edgerton) ’09 remain the same.

As a student at Graceland, Ryan traveled to Nicaragua with Outreach International, was a COSA representative, Agape House President, a Community Outreach Coordinator, a Resident Assistant, and won the Student Life Award in 2010 for his contributions to the university. He double majored in Chemistry and Mathematics, also picking up a minor in Spanish. Ryan was a well-rounded student, finding success both inside and outside of the classroom.

While Graceland gave Ryan the academic knowledge to succeed and enter graduate school, it’s also given him unique memories to share with his peers.

“When talking to other graduate students in my program about their undergrad experience, I am constantly shocked at how many of them are in awe of my undergrad exploits,” said Ryan. “I truly feel that I had a great experience at Graceland and I wouldn't trade my memories for anything.”

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