June Wiley, '13

Graceland student June Wiley `13

Accomplishment: Internship with Cincinnati Zoo
Major: Biology
House: Paloma

June Wiley ’13 loves elephants. Period.

And her internships reflect that passion.

Whether it’s the work she did at Riddle’s Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary in Arkansas or her recent work at the veterinary clinic at Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas, it’s obvious that June has a passion for helping animals.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of that claim is June’s internship with the Cincinnati Zoo last summer. June’s morning position, Assistant Keeping, was spent in the Africa Veldt, working with rhinos, bongos, yellow-back dikers, okapis, and zebras. Though June notes that some of the cleanup work here was less than glamorous, it was something she never tired of.

Her afternoons were spent hosting an activity called, “Random Animal Encounters” where she would introduce animals like snakes, tortoises, lizards and scorpions to the public. June would answer questions while allowing zoo-goers to interact with the select animal.

"Graceland has been a great environment to grow in."

After her experiences with these coveted internships, June’s long term goals vary, but the animal themes behind them remain. June is considering working as everything from a veterinarian to an animal researcher to a zoo keeper.

Throughout her animal experiences, she has appreciated the support and guidance of her Graceland professors.

“The science professors have been so supportive of me and my goals. They are always willing to help me and share in my excitement when I get an internship or experience I really wanted,” she said.

Juggling her Biology major and her internships, June has also found time to be involved with Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), serve as an intramural representative, and House President of Paloma.

As a 4th generation Gracelander, June has found Graceland as a place to not only follow her family, but to grow and discover herself. Though her plans are still forming, June hopes to participate in a few more internships, including an animal biology lab and observing a veterinarian, before her expected graduation next spring.

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