Graceland Hires New Director of MSNHP Program

Graceland Hires New Director of MSNHP Program

Graceland University has named Dr. Robert Davidson as director of the new Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance program. Davidson assumed his role June 1 and will welcome new MSNHP graduate students this fall.

In his new role, Davidson will help to develop the curriculum of the MSNHP program, recruit students, and oversee its success. Davidson explained that “there is a paradigm shift in the nutrition world away from what nutrients do you need do avoid a deficiency disease […] to what nutrition is needed for optimal health” and Graceland’s MSNHP program is leading that educational transformation. 

The online MSNHP program will provide cutting edge education to its graduate students and prepare them for an evolving professional world.  “We are excited to have Dr. Davidson join our Graceland family, his expertise and professional background will be an excellent addition to the program. I look forward to seeing the MSNHP department thrive under his leadership,” said Patricia Draves, Graceland University President. 

Davidson received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Utah State University where he continued on to acquire a Masters in Nutrition & Food Science. Just a few years later at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Davidson went on to enhance his already impressive educational background and earned his Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences. 

Davidson has 30 years of undergraduate and graduate teaching experience, and spent seven of those years teaching at Logan University where James Geiselman, assistant professor of Allied Health at Graceland, was his graduate student. Along with his many years of teaching, Davidson also spent 5 years as Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer developing Elucidate Innovation, LLC an organization that develops models and software applications for human biological processes.

Graceland has a rich history of educating students in health-related fields for over 100 years and continues to adapt to the modern world and its needs. The 20-month MSNHP program is online, affordable, and customizable providing students with a great opportunity to develop the necessary skills to advance their careers in the health care industry, as well as many others. 

Its comprehensive curriculum features robust coursework focusing on the evidence-based foundations of nutrition and human performance, followed by specialized concentrations in sport nutrition and performance or health and wellness promotion that allow students to follow their passion and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

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