Manuscript from Sams and Geiselman Accepted for Journal Publication

Dr. James Geiselman and Drew Sams

Drew Sams ’21 CES, CNC and Dr. James Geiselman, DC, MS, DACBN, CCSP, ICSC, CNC, CES, NREMT, EMT-P recently received notification that their manuscript, “Effects of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) on the Growth and Development of Adolescent Wrestlers: A Clinical Review,” has been accepted for publication in the journal, Nutritional Perspectives.

Dr. Geiselman stated, “This is exciting for Drew. Having an article published as an undergraduate student is a huge accomplishment and is definitely something to be proud of.” 

Sams is a senior majoring in Allied Health with a concentration in Applied Health Science and minors in Psychology and Coaching. Sams is planning to attend graduate school next year as he pursues a Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance from Graceland University. 

“This research has given me a better perspective into my future education and career involving nutrition and human performance,” said Sams. “I am thankful to have been able to complete this research at Graceland University with the help and support of the Allied Health faculty.”

“Working with students on student-led research is an honor and one of the benefits of being a faculty member at a small, liberal arts institution,” Geiselman said.

Sams will present his research at the 2021 Scholars’ Showcase at Graceland University on Thursday April 15, 2021.