Graceland Announces “Toward Together” Reopening Policies and Procedures for Upcoming Term

Image of the Graceland University Higdon Administration Building

The Graceland University administration and Board of Trustees announced that the school will reopen both of its campuses for the upcoming academic terms. “We are excited to welcome students back to both of our campuses,” said Patricia Draves, Graceland University President. “Graceland students, faculty and staff did an amazing job adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic this spring, but we know that our students will thrive in our caring residential learning environment.” 

The university announced its reopening plan, “Toward Together,” as well as several policy and procedure changes that will be in place, mostly pertaining to the Lamoni, Iowa, residential campus. The important highlights:

Graceland’s academic calendar for the Fall 2020 semester will change. Classes will begin Monday, Aug. 17. Finals will end Tuesday, Nov. 24. Total instruction time will be exactly the same as in a regular semester because Labor Day will be an instruction day on campus and there will be no fall break. “By having students return home during Thanksgiving and not return until the spring semester, we hope to minimize potential health hazards,” said Jill Rhea, Graceland’s Vice President for Academic Affairs.

All students, faculty, staff, visitors and contractors will be required to wear a mask in any public spaces. Cloth masks will be provided to all students, faculty and staff upon their return to campus. All students, faculty and staff will be required to complete training on the proper use, removal and washing of face coverings. 

Changes will be made to residential living policies and practices. To ensure the safety and overall health of our residential students, new policies and practices for residential living on the Lamoni campus will be adopted. These include required training and education, bathroom protocols, common space usage, and the option for students to select private rooms. Graceland’s Residence Life team will contact students directly about these policy changes and trainings. 

More details, along with several other policies and procedures, can be found on the “Toward Together” section of the Graceland website.

Graceland looks forward to welcoming students back to campus. The values of learning, wholeness and community drive the university to move forward in creating the safest environment possible for all Gracelanders. 

It is important to note that all policies and procedures will be in constant review for improvement and adaptation as conditions change and more information becomes available. Graceland will always seek to follow the CDC’s guidance and will put the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff first in all considerations.

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