Visual Art and Graphic Design Graduates Share 2020 Digital Exhibition

Graceland visual art and graphic design graduates share their 2020 senior exhibitions in a digital catalogue.

COVID-19 prevented many of Graceland University's Class of 2020 visual art and graphic design majors from having their senior exhibitions to showcase their work to the community. In this unique online offering, the students and faculty have put together a digital exhibition in an online catalogue format.

This piece showcases the hard work that these creative students have put in over the past four years.

From the faculty:

The Art and Design program at Graceland University is pleased to present this exhibition catalog of Bachelor of Arts Senior Thesis Exhibitions. Four years ago, the seventeen artists in this incredible BA class – Alissa Clark, Tacy Cummings, Tressa Cummings, Angela Dunkin, Logan Fredell, Jessie Fuller, Trey Heckadon, Braden Hogan, Kaitlin Huskey, Clarissa James-Lewis, Emily McLaughlin, Austin Reiber, Sara Ricard, Zach Schwab, Linda Weldon, Ian Wilson, and Chase Wood – began a challenging process, the result of which is presented here. These works are a representation of thousands of hours of experimentation, research, problem solving, exploration, risk taking, and dedication.

These works engage us in meaningful conversations and challenge how we see the world. These artists are now part of a growing community of graduates that will shape the future. We thank them for sharing their journey with us and look forward to seeing how they will impact this ever-changing landscape of visual communication.

We are so proud of the class of 2020!


Karen Gergely, Associate Professor Art
Bilawal Khoso, Assistant Professor of Art

View the catalogue (PDF).