Bridging the Gap – Town and Gown

A Lamoni walking trail.

The Old, Old Path near the Lamoni Community of Christ church, photo by Rod Schall (

The Bridge Endowment is a unique opportunity for clubs and organizations on the Lamoni campus to be rewarded for their service and contribution to the Lamoni community. The Bridge Family funded the Bridge Endowment in memory of their parents, Rollin and Joanne Bridge, who were seen as outstanding citizens of the Lamoni community for many decades.

Recent funds have been awarded to the Graceland Community Development Club, Tiona House, International Club and Latino Club. Past projects that earned Bridge Endowment funds have included the cleanup and maintenance of the wood train in Lamoni’s Central Park; cleanup of the Old, Old Path near the Lamoni Community of Christ church; community cultural celebrations and free salsa dance lessons made available to Lamoni community members.

All official Graceland clubs and organizations that have completed a community service project that has benefited the Lamoni community are eligible to apply for funds through the Bridge Endowment. Projects are judged based on the impact of the service, the duration of the project, and the involvement of the students. Proposals are currently being accepted through Feb. 1.

Individuals with My Graceland access who are involved in Graceland clubs and organizations may click here for more information and directions on how to apply!