Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016

And we were right. Thanks to contributions from 7,156 alumni and friend households, we exceeded that incredible goal by $2,147,709! The final recorded total was an amazing $77,147,709.

We all have every right to feel proud of that remarkable achievement, but we know that it was never really about us. The cash flow made improvements to facilities like the Shaw, the Fitz, Small and Thomas Apartments, and the Resch Science Center. In addition, equipment and campus classrooms were upgraded that will last for decades. It funded endowments for faculty development and program needs far into the future. We’re pleased with the $18 million in scholarship assistance to help students come to Graceland. Nearly 30% of the amount committed will come in the future as estate plans are distributed at their maturity, continuing to build a better Graceland.

And yet, even while those accomplishments are so important, they are still not the ultimate reward. Your support has enabled, enriched and empowered the Graceland experience of a new generation of students in ways they may never fully understand.

Your gifts have modeled the virtue of generosity. We hope your contributions have put you in touch with your deepest values and helped you to feel an important part of something greater than any one of us.

The University has a classy new logo, a blue shield boasting a big “G.” That logo now appears on the front of Graceland t-shirts. On the back
is a new motto: “The Power of Together.” While it may sound like a new slogan around here, it is hardly a new Graceland concept. But you already knew that.

On behalf of all of us to all of you, thank you. Thank you for the Power of Together. 

Kelly W. Everett
Vice President of Institutional Advancement