Alumni Success - Kristen Myers '15

Alumni Success - Kristen Myers '15

The nurse educator specialty track prepares the RN to teach in a collegiate or health care setting. The student’s area of study incorporates a blend of theory and evidence-based research with an emphasis on learning how to prepare nursing students for professional nursing practice. Graceland has a top notch program, and recent graduate Kristen Myers can vouch for the value.

Kristen Myers, MSN, credits Graceland’s excellent nurse educator (NE) program for her immediate success upon graduation. Though she just graduated in May of 2015, she already has a full schedule of teaching in the Des Moines area.

  • Full-Time Assistant Professor of Nursing at Grandview University
  • Online Faculty Associate for Graceland’s Nurse Educator Program
  • Online Instructor for Des Moines University’s Master of Public Health Program
  • Patient Educator for St. Gregory’s Retreat Center at the Polk County Jail in Des Moines.

It is so rewarding to see how my MSN education is paying off!” shared Kristen in one of her communications with Dr. Carol Green, Professor, NE Program Coordinator for Graceland.

Another email from Kristen to Carol read, “Dr. Green, I took the CNE exam this morning and just passed! I can’t begin to tell you how well prepared I was for this exam because of Graceland’s NE program. WOW! Share that with the other nursing faculty!”

Kristen chose Graceland because of the fine nursing reputation and accessibility. She shared, “The MSN program at Graceland was fantastic. I never felt like I was an ‘online’ student. I only met Dr. Green face to face a few times, but I never felt disconnected. Her communication with me as my advisor was frequent, and she really counseled and mentored me not only about my academic progress at Graceland, but about my own personal and professional development as well. We had many phone calls together. Dr. Green even helped me make the decision to go on and pursue a PhD in Nursing right after leaving Graceland. The on-campus focus session at the beginning of the MSN program, and again in the middle, was very advantageous for me personally. I connected with a few other students that first session, and we stayed connected throughout the program. I really want other nurses to know how well prepared I was to take the certification exam and to be a real nurse educator right when I graduated.”

Professor Green explained, “We hired Kristen right out of graduate school to teach one of our nurse educator graduate courses. That’s a bit unusual. Graduates of our nurse educator program generally begin their teaching in an associate degree or BSN program. However, I felt Kristen was well prepared to teach our online NE teaching practicum course. Kristen was a unique student all the way through our MSN nurse educator program. She consistently emerged as the leader in group projects.”

With alumni like Kristen, Graceland’s nursing legacy lives on.