Graceland's Enactus Program Remains Strong

Graceland's Enactus Program Remains Strong

2006 SIFE Team

Enactus is an international nonprofit organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

Graceland has a strong history with the organization, which was previously known as SIFE. This year marks a 10 year anniversary for the Graceland team that won first place in the National Championship and placed second to China at the World Cup in Paris, France. Laying a strong foundation, the Graceland Enactus teams continue to be competitive and successful, engaging 50 students during the 2015-16 school year.

The Graceland Enactus team traveled to the national competition in St. Louis, Missouri, in May, and of the 120 teams that presented, they placed among the top 16 in the nation.

The presentation team included students Karl Bradford, Sydney Dorrance, Drew Radloff, Melissa Sherer, Tara Sheehy and Courtney Brummett. Other team members in attendance were project leaders and members who helped brainstorm, design and implement the project work that the Graceland team presented, as well as students who put together the audio-visual presentation and provided other logistical support.

Director Jared Doty explains, “The Graceland Enactus team has a successful track record, and the students encourage each other to develop and support new projects. It’s exciting to see the entrepreneurial energy they produce!”

Enactus 2016 Group

2016 Enactus Team

SIFE Team Paris:  Where are they Now?

Kevin Prine ’86 (Enactus Faculty Advisor)
Kevin led the Enactus Program at Graceland for 14 years. He is now President and CEO at Outreach International.

Brittany Atwood ’06 (Leadership Council/Project Lead)
Brittany currently works at Frito-Lay, where she serves as an account manager and as the Frito-Lay Midwest Recruiting Chair. “Every position I have obtained after college was solely credited to my Enactus involvement at Graceland.”

Curtis Calloway ’07 (Leadership Council/Project Lead/Presenter)
Curtis now resides in Dallas, Texas, and works at Frito-Lay as a brand manager on the Doritos team.

Kasey Johnson ’08 Steen (Leadership Council/Project Lead/Presenter)
Kasey now serves as a member of the senior leadership team at Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group, Realtors in Des Moines, Iowa, where she is General Counsel and Director of Risk Management.

Shara Matlock ’06 (Leadership Council/Project Lead)
Shara’s career as the GM of Chipotle in Memphis, Tennessee, took a hiatus with the birth of her daughter in 2013. Since then, she has started a business with Himalayan salt lamps called Salt&Light.

Guillermo Sanchez ’06 (Presenter)
After coaching for Graceland, Guillermo went to Venezuela to work for a professional soccer team for a year, then was hired to coach another professional team in India for six months. He now works in Paraguay as a coach.

Shannon Graybill ’07 (Project Lead/Presenter)
Shannon lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where she is launching a computer coding school geared for nontechnical, creative entrepreneurs.

Michaela Hill ’07 (Project Lead)
Michaela currently lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and is working as a K-12 Visual Arts Curriculum Specialist for Council Bluffs Community School District.

Olya Kudacki ’06 (Presenter)
Olya returned to New York City, New York, after living in Madrid, Spain, for three years. She currently works as a regional sales manager for Kaplan International Centers.

Terra Whipple ’09 (Presenter)
Terra has spent the seven years since Graceland in the Leadership Program at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, Iowa, a position she obtained through her Enactus involvement. Through Principal, she founded Voice of the Young Consumer, which is an internal business incubator used to better understand evolving consumer insights.