Graceland Forever ~ Greg Sutherland

Graceland Forever ~ Greg Sutherland

Sitting in certain places on “the Hill” over the past 40 years, you have probably heard the steady sound of solid footsteps; a distinct walk amplified by the cowboy boots worn every day by a man who is just as steady and solid.

Greg Sutherland ’73 has walked countless steps over the acres of the Lamoni campus, and the imprints made by his strides go immeasurably beyond the foot steps heard by any one of us.

Greg began working for Graceland College in 1977 as the Coliseum Manager. Since that time, he has held several positions: Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, Director of Facility Services, Admissions Field Officer and Vice President of Enrollment Management. He played a key role in several important projects, including the Higdon Administration Building and Walker Hall renovations, the construction of the Carmichael House, The Helene Center for the Visual Arts and Rasmussen Soccer Field. The mark he has made on Graceland, with the dedication to the quality of these and so many other projects, will not soon fade.

The deepest impressions, however, have been the relationships. The people and the connections created between them are what make Graceland special, and with each step, Greg has left his imprint through those connections.

Former Vice President for Enrollment Management Bonita Booth had this to say of Greg, “Greg Sutherland is one of Graceland’s treasures. He epitomizes the standards that Graceland values and promotes for her students and employees. I’ve known him since he came to Graceland as a student. We have been colleagues for many years and friends for even more. During his time at Graceland he has beautified the campus, improved buildings, built programs and nurtured lives. Although he has been quiet, his impact has been great. To Greg, Graceland owes so much.”

Greg Sutherland Campus Maintenance Supervisor, Bob Kelly, who worked with Greg for many years in Facility Services shared, “My mentor, my friend… Greg instilled in me – and many others – his values, his respect, his love and his hard work and dedication to this institution.”

Center to all the other relationships, however, is Greg’s 45-year marriage to Barbara – steady and solid. They were married on the west hill of campus in May 1971. Graceland brought them together.

Even as Greg steps off campus with his retirement this summer, we may still hear the steady sound of solid footsteps, as he extends his impact through his participation in the committees on which he will continue to serve. Greg’s imprint on this institution is just like the saying goes… “Graceland Forever.”