Brittany Longsdorf, '10

Graceland alum Brittany Longsdorf `10

Accomplishment: Princeton Theological Seminary
Major: Religion & Philosophy
House: Leilani

Iowa sunsets, Swarm-Inn Super Tots and Cheville House’s James Bond function. These were a few of Brittany Longsdorf’s favorite things.

And the distance between her current graduate school, Princeton Theological Seminary, and her Graceland alma mater have has done little to change that.

While at Graceland, Brittany ’10 was one of the campuses most familiar faces. Her contributions to the campus are prestigious, serving as Graceland Student Government President and winning the Student Life Award her senior year.

Brittany was also an active member of the Graceland Honors Program, winning Best Honors presentation both her junior and senior years in the program.

Brittany was heavily involved in Campus Ministries, serving as Priesthood Coordinator and Council of House Chaplains President. Beyond this, Brittany still had time to participate in Outreach International club, CCLP, intramurals, House Council, and to volunteer with Americorps.

"I really loved my professors. They supported me in and out of the classroom."

Naturally, she won Area Contribution awards in three separate departments: Honors, Religion, and Student Government.

Needless to say, Brittany was a busy woman during her time at Graceland. And that status hasn’t changed.

Her pursuit of a Masters of Divinity with a concentration in World Religions requires sifting through 300-600 pages of theology, philosophy or history a week. Next year, to complete her program Brittany will compose a 100-150 page thesis on the comparative religions of Hinduism and Christianity in modern India.

And though her stack of work may rival the Himalayas in height, Brittany is navigating it gracefully.

“Graceland’s Religion Department gave me really good paper writing skills that have become invaluable to me here at Princeton,” said Brittany.

Though Brittany is still contemplating her post-graduate options, looking at everything from becoming a professor to pastoral ministries, one thing is certain: she’ll take Graceland with her, no matter where she goes.

“The community that I found at Graceland I will forever be trying to replicate and reminiscing about. Graceland really defines me,” said Brittany.

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